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I JUST found out Web of Desire is released in a new EC print book, Paranormal Passions.  Check out the cool cover!!     Lady Jaided’s – Paranormal Passions up By: Cathryn Fox, Cricket Starr, Elisa Adams, Kate Douglas, Mari Byrne, Michelle Pillow (Read Excerpt) E-mail this product to a friend   The Doll By […]

Everyone is off to the RWA conference in San Francisco, and I was feeling sad that I wasn’t there, but then Lisa Renee Jones sent me this link and cheered me up immensely!! Primal Instincts is now up on the Harlequin website. 

My son is on his way to Quebec to play in the soccer nationals.  I’m so excited for him, and yet sooo nervous.  He played for the U15 team and just a few weeks ago was asked to move up to the U16 and go to Nationals.  He hasn’t stopped smiling since.  But because it […]

The weather has been so nice here, it’s hard for me to be indoors!!  I spent the last two days at the pool with the kids, and every evening at the bonfire and had such a nice relaxing time.  Of course, even though I coated myself with sunscreen, I still got a burn on my legs.  Ouch! […]

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