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I’m in Whispering Cove today talking with Dr. Danica Mitchell, formerly Dr. Kent. Between you and me, I’m hoping she’ll be a little more forthcoming than her Whispering Cove counterparts who’ve been interviewed this week. Interviewer: Thanks for joining me today, Dani. I know you’re between patients so I’ll make this quick. Dani: No problem. […]

Wet in Whispering Cove, by Cathryn Fox Today I’m speaking with Trent Wilson.  Trent is a local firefighter from the small town of Whispering Cove, Maine.  He’s also Errol’s grandson.  Errol, along with Harold Adair and Byron Mitchell are the town’s rum drinking, card playing, matchmaking trouble makers—men who will go to great lengths to […]

Aug 22

Wild in Whispering Cove, by Mackenzie McKade Interviewer: Today I’m speaking with Harold Adair. (LOL) It appears you have with you two of Whispering Cove’s most notorious matchmakers. Errol Wilson and Byron Mitchell. Harold: Never you mind those two barnacle pluckin’ ole goats. Couldn’t shake ‘em if a had a shovel and a bucket of […]

Check it out here!   It’s currenlty raning at #44 in the top 100.  Totally made my day!