Coming November 15th!

After an exotic mermaid rescued him fifteen years ago, university professor Liam Jackson has spent a lifetime trying to prove mythical creatures exist.  But after the sexy sea nymph seduces her way into his heart upon her long awaited return, and he learns a secret that puts both their futures at risk, he must decide whether to preserve her secrets and keep her all to himself, or risk losing her forever by exposing her to the world.



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  1. OMG can’t wait to read this. Anything with mermaids and I’ve got to get my hands on it. That cover rocks!

    06 Oct 11 at 3:31 pm #
  2. Paula

    Cathryn, that is one gorgeous cover!

    06 Oct 11 at 3:36 pm #
  3. What a gorgeous cover, Cathy! Congratulations!

    06 Oct 11 at 8:42 pm #
  4. Fantastic cover, Cathy!!!

    07 Oct 11 at 11:21 am #

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