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Celebrity Chef Kathleen Wilson has returned to Whispering Cover for her high school reunion. Tired of big city life, she is looking forward to relaxing in the quaint fishing village, but the one thing she’s not looking forward to is facing the boy from her past. The boy she turned her back on ten years ago. The same boy she has never quite gotten over.

Firefighter Trent Parker has never given up on reuniting with his Katy, and when he hears she’s back in town, he believes a blatant seduction is just the thing to show her where she belongs. Sparks fly the second they see one another and when he accidentally soaks her with his fire hose it generates heat and need inside them both with only one way to extinguish those fiery flames.

Soon they are burning up the sheets but when morning comes and the smoke clears, one question remains. Will Katy leave for another ten years, or will she realize the fire they’ve ignited isn’t about to burn out?


First Chapter:

Trent Parker didn’t want to think about the plates of half-eaten food sitting on the long oaken table before him.  Nor did he want to think about the pot of congealed spaghetti sauce waiting to be scrubbed.  And he certainly didn’t want to think about the suspicious fire up at Dresden Bluff that had caused them all to bolt from the firehouse late last night without finishing the meal he’d spent hours preparing.

But what he really, really didn’t want to think about was that Katy Wilson was back in town, or the fact that he’d spotted her coming in under the cover of darkness, hoping to avoid any sort of run in with him, he presumed.

A scraping sound behind him pulled his attention, and when he turned to see Adam Collins, his best friend and Whispering Cove’s most sought after bachelor, push open the swinging door and step into the kitchen, he shook his head to clear it.

“HeyTrent, did you hear Katy’s back in town?” Adam asked, as he sauntered across the room to grab a soda from the fridge.

Trentrolled his shoulder, hoping for casual, but the hitch in his voice belied his emotions when he said, “Yeah. So?”

Never one to be subtle Adam added, “I hear she looks as good as ever.”

Adam heard wrong.  Katy didn’t look as good as ever.  She looked better than ever.  He’d only caught a glimpse of her when she’d stopped her SUV at the corner of Main and Little, but the overhead lamppost  gave sufficient light for him to see her big blue eyes, dark wavy hair, creamy skin and plump lips that had his cock rising up for a front row seat.

“I wouldn’t know, and don’t much care.”

“So you think she’s back for the reunion?”

“What part of I wouldn’t know, and don’t much care didn’t you get?”

“The don’t much care part.”  Adam tossed him a wry grin, and it pissedTrent off that his childhood friend and fellow firefighter could read him like an open book.  Adam was as quick as a brush fire sweeping through the white pines.  His bright intelligence, good looks and dazzling charm attracted women quicker than a shiny lure attracted fish.

“Is that right?” Adam probed.  “You really don’t care?”’

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Adam twisted the cap off his soda and leaned against the table.  He got quiet for a moment, a rarity for him since he always had an opinion on everything, then said, “I wonder if I can get her autograph.”

Trentshrugged and walked to the sink, turning his back to his friend and their conversation, not wanting to talk or even think about Katy anymore.  He flicked on the chrome tap and poured a generous amount of soap into the basin.

“You think she’ll give it to me?” Adam pressed, refusing to give up on the subject.

“I’m sure she’ll give it to you if you just ask,”Trentfinally said, hoping to put an end to the discussion.  He gestured with a nod.  “Grab a cloth and dry.”

Adam didn’t move. Instead he said, “I wonder what else she’ll give up if I just ask…”

Trentspun around.  Fire rushed through his bloodstream and raised his anger from simmer to boil, but when he caught the cocky, knowing grin on his friend’s face and realized Adam was simply baiting him he grinned back and shook his head.  “Fuck off, Adam.”

Adam pushed off the table and clappedTrenton the back.  “Come on,Trent.  You want her now as much as you always have.  Admit it.”

“I don’t want her.” Trentthought about all the girls he’d bedded down with since Katy had left.  “I moved on, remember?”

“What I remember is that you fucked nearly every single woman in town after Katy kicked your ass to the curb, yet here you are still pining over her like some love sick schoolboy.  It’s pathetic, pal.  Just pathetic.”


“Look, why don’t you try fucking her?  Fucking all those other girls didn’t help so maybe fucking Katy Wilson is the only way you’re going to get her out of your system once and for all.”

“Unlike you, I don’t think fucking solves everything.”

Adam grinned.  “Well it doesn’t hurt.”

Trentgave an impatient sigh.  “Look, I’m not going to fuck her, Adam.  I’m not going to do anything with her.  I probably won’t even see her or talk to her when she’s here so drop it, okay?”

“Fine, if you don’t want to fuck her I will.”

“Like hell you will.”  The words flew from his mouth before he could stop them.

Adam laughed and gave a slow shake of his head.  “Yeah,Trent.  It’s real clear that you’ve moved on.”

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