Betting Bad

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Book Cover: Betting Bad
Part of the Reform series:
  • Betting Bad


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I just walked away from eight years in state prison, went up against some of the meanest bastards on the inside, but until I rode my bike down the rain soaked street of Middletown, Chicago, I had no idea what real fear was.


I have to face my family, find a way to make up for a son’s recklessness.


I was forced to keep them all those years. There’d been no choice but to walk away from a football scholarship and…Sara. The girl I’ve never stopped loving.


Now I’m back, ready to re-enter a society leery of trusting convicted felons. Ready to face…Sara. I’d broken what was between us, turned her world upside down. I know I need to stay away from the girl who means everything to me. But when danger enters her life, I’m willing to lose it all again to protect her. Except I soon realize the biggest threat to Sara, is me.