Breaking Free

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Book Cover: Breaking Free

Invitation to Eden
Available June 17, 2014

Spring Break at college is supposed to be a time of fun and parties, but Alaska Rossi, AKA Janey Smith, is on lockdown thanks to her father's mafia dealings. She wants only to party down with the rest of her classmates. At least her hot, darkly mysterious bodyguard—deep undercover as her dorm's resident assistant—gives her something to fantasize about during her boring nights in confinement.

When Alaska wins a campus radio contest, and is gifted with a special invitation to an exclusive island, she knows it's her chance to break free. After all, Eden is a place where no one knows her name, so what danger could possibly come to her? But when danger appears in the form of a masked man who takes control of all her pleasures, tapping into her darkest fantasies, she begins to wonder if her undercover lover, and the mysterious bodyguard who's deep undercover, are one in the same...


Sweet Jesus.

Alaska was going to be the fucking death of him yet.

Jesse took a distancing step back and bit down on his jaw hard enough to break bone. Desperate for something constructive to do with his hands before they got him into trouble, he ran his fingers through his wet hair and worked to marshal his cock. But how was he supposed to tame his dick when Alaska was tracking his body with those dark, sexy bedroom eyes of hers? As they stood there staring at each other like they were in the middle of some goddamn Mexican standoff, he shifted restlessly and wondered who was going to make the first move, and more importantly, what that move might be.


When her glance met his again, she blinked thick lashes over come-hither eyes, ones that not only told him she needed so much, but exactly who she needed it from. His glance left her face, and he couldn't help but notice the telltale hardening of her nipples beneath the oversize night shirt she wore. He stifled a groan of want as he visualized himself ripping that thin piece of material from her body to expose the ripe, innocent girl beneath, one who'd been beckoning his touch in the most mind-fucking ways. He swallowed, and despite his best interest, let his glance dip lower. Fuck... He tugged on his hair harder as his brain conjured the path his hands wanted take. As his gaze visually caressed her curves, he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to watch the stifled girl before him blossom beneath his touch.

She was speaking, but damned if he could decipher her words, not when the blood in his body was pooling in his groin region. His gaze moved back to her face, and he watched her mouth, trying to figure out what she was saying, but when she nibbled her bottom lip, his cock grew another inch. Christ, how could such an innocent gesture be so sexy?

"...a towel?" she said.

"What?" he murmured, working to get himself under control before he did something he could only regret later, like pin her against that wall and give her what she so obviously wanted...what they've both wanted for a long time now.

"I...uh... I didn't realize anyone was in the shower. I thought I was alone here and—"


"Yeah?" she said, breathlessly.

He cleared his throat and nodded toward her outstretched arm. "Toss it," he ordered, knowing better than to take a step closer to grab it himself. Fuck, if she was within arm's reach, there was no way he could be held accountable for what he did next.

She threw it his way. He snatched it out of the air before it hit the floor. He wrapped it around his waist and tucked in the corner but not before he was gifted with a whiff of her scent. Stifling the groan rising from the depths of his throat, he bit down on the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood. Too bad the pain did little to get his erection under control. Shit, if he didn't get it together soon, they'd both be able to go camping under the tent he was pitching.

He breathed deep in an effort to get his head on straight, but her sweet citrus scent was enough to make a grown man weep.


What was he going to do with the sexy girl who was so goddamn bored out of her mind that she swiped his towel for an inch, or rather eight and a half inches, of excitement?

Nothing...that's what, his last working brain cell warned.

Even though he'd spent the last six months aching to taste the girl who he'd been secretly watching over, daydreaming about ramming his cock into her so hard and fast that she'd forget what the word boredom ever meant, he knew she was off limits. He was here to protect her, and if he stepped over the line, he was as good as dead.

But Jesus, he hated seeing her so miserable, so lonely and bored that she had nothing better to do than jack his towel. If only he could give her a week of fun, break her out of this campus prison and give her the adventure she was craving. From watching her closely and tracking her every moment, he knew exactly what kind of journey this sweet yet sexy girl wanted. And damned if he didn't want to be the guy to give it to her.

Except he knew better than to blow his cover-even though he was close to blowing something-and breaking free went against all the rules.

When the hell had he become such a rule follower anyway?