Demolished (Book 1)

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Book Cover: Demolished (Book 1)
Part of the Blue Bay Crew series:

Series title: Blue Bay Crew.

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Demolished, Leveled.


Location: Blue Bay, Connecticut. A former whaling community that grew up to be a huge resort destination and tourist spot. Massive properties on the water, owned by wealthy families and celebrities. Town has schools, library, cafés, grocery stores, hospital, gift shops, galleries, sports bar etc. The town itself is like a character.


Owen family construction/contractor business: Started by the father, whose family has deep roots in Blue Bay and were former whalers. The sons are all returning home to run the business after the father’s death. The sons are known as the Blue Bay Crew. Every Owen son and Owen cousin are the poster boys for authority issues. These bad boys also put the O (orgasm) in Owens.



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