Confessions of a Bad Boy Doctor

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Confessions of a Bad Boy Doctor

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I might be a sports medicine doctor but nothing could have prepared me for my best friend's kid sister. When she steps into my bedroom, dressed in a short, sexy robe, asking me to examine her…groin…I nearly bite off my tongue. This girl is hands off all the way. But dammit if little Kitty Kat hasn't grown into a gorgeous tigress. She drops her robe and exposes silky lingerie, tempting me in ways that Fu%& me over. I should put a stop to her games. I want to put a stop to them. Taking her to my bed is wrong, right? Then again, they don't call me Bad Boy Doctor, because I'm…you know…good.





Speaking of best friends… She still couldn’t quite believe she was about to seduce her brother’s. She sucked in a tight breath, and since she was too far gone to turn back now, she whispered, “Sebastian. Are you awake?”

The bed sheets rustled. “What?” he asked, his voice soft and sexy from sleep.

“It’s me, Kat. You up?”

A long pause and then, “I am now.”

“Good, I…” Her voice fell off and she blinked against the brightness when Sebastian turned on his lamp. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but when they did, and she caught the way Sebastian’s eyes were moving over her robe, a thrill moved through her.

“What are you doing, Kitty Kat?” he said, his voice gruffer than it had been before. The fact that he’d used her childhood name—and the implications behind it—hadn’t gone unnoticed, but neither had the way his eyes roamed over her with interest.


“I think I pulled something today during tug-of-war.”

He sat up, and his blankets fell to his waist. “Your shoulder?”

Her gaze dropped to his hard abs, and she bit back a gasp. His body was so beautiful, so perfect. Desire flared through her. “Not quite.”


“No, ah, actually it’s a little further south.”

There was a long pause and then, “Maybe you should get Danny to check you out.”

“I can’t. He’s my brother.”

He gripped a fistful of hair and stared at some spot on the wall like it held all the answers to the universe. “He’s a doctor. It shouldn’t matter.”

“Well, it does matter.” She stepped closer, and the warm scent of his skin reached her nose. “You see, I think I pulled my groin, and I wouldn’t be comfortable with him examining me. Plus, you’re a sports medicine doctor who deals with injuries. Danny is a podiatrist, and it’s not my foot I hurt.”

His hand fisted his bed sheets. “Fuck, Kat.”

She moved closer. “If you could just take a look to make sure I didn’t do any real damage…”

“You want me to look at your groin?”

“Yes, please.”

“It’s not really something—”

She pulled open her robe, and his words died an abrupt death when she exposed herself. Standing before him in nothing but her black panties and lace bra, she glanced at the mussed sheets. “I’m sure it will just take a second.” He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, she slid onto the bed sideways. Sebastian jumped up, and the lamplight fell over him. Wearing nothing but boxers that did little to hide his erection, he scrubbed his face, mumbled what sounded like a curse under his breath, and paced.

Kat inched her legs open and put her hand on her inner thigh. “It’s right here. If you could just touch it and let me know what to do, I’d be very grateful.” More mumbled curses sounded, and Kat kind of liked that she could fluster him like this. She’d never evoked such a need in a man before, never made him…feral. Truthfully, those failed relationships had shattered her confidence more than she’d like to admit.

She spread her legs wider, and with the tip of her finger, ran circles around her inner thigh. “You see, I’m not sure if I should use cold or heat, and I hate to do anything that will cause more damage or prolong the healing.”

A long moment passed, then Sebastian stopped pacing. He stepped up to her, everything about him so intense her entire body quivered. The smoldering heat in his eyes held her in place, his look fierce, powerful…volatile. He stood over her, frozen, his looming body rigid as she bared herself to him. His hands fisted, and he glared at her like he was fighting some internal war. She studied him, unease creeping under her skin.

Wait! Was he trying to figure out a way to send her packing? Or was he going to walk out on her again like he did on her sixteenth birthday? She’d spent that entire month of May excited, knowing he was going to take her into his arms and dance with her. But he didn’t. Instead he walked away, leaving her crushed and heartbroken.

Her pulse leaped. Oh, God, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. And maybe she’d read him wrong. Sure, he had an erection, but it might not even have been for her. He could have been dreaming, or maybe that was just the normal way he woke up. Heck, lots of guys roused with morning wood, right? If that was the case, she needed to get out of there, and she needed to do it now. Feeling suddenly foolish, she reached for her robe to cover herself. His hand closed over hers, firm and commanding, as he completely immobilized her.

“Where. Exactly. Does it hurt?” His eyes darkened, and she hesitated for a second, never having seen this side of Sebastian. “Tell me,” he said through gritted teeth, the soft authority in his voice letting her know he was willing to play along, but he now controlled the game.



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