Firefighter Heat Trilogy


Burning up inside? Feeling that fire down below?
Call The Hot Line...

It's The Hot Line, an on-call service that dispatches totally authentic, fully equipped firemen to explore the secret fantasies of women in need. What an irresistible dare for three best friends feeling the heat...

Book 1: FEVER:


The shrill of their special phone pulled him from his musings and helped marshal his thoughts. "I got it." Welcoming the distraction, he jumped to his feet and pushed away from the card table. Without haste, he made his way across the room.

Fuck. Maybe tonight he'd take the call. Although it had been a long time since he'd participated in The Hot Line, perhaps a soft bed and even softer woman would help take the edge off and get his mind off Sara.

When he glanced at the caller ID, his heart raced, his blood pressure soared. Jesus H. Christ. Everything in him reacted to the name displayed in the small glass window. Tension rose in him as his cock urged him to answer the phone, along with the sexual demands of his body.

What the fuck was he supposed to do now?


Despite his rock hard cock screaming at him to pick up that phone and give Sara exactly what she wanted, he took a measured step back, but not far enough that he still couldn't reach it. If he wanted to. But he didn't want to. Okay, he wanted to, but he wasn't going to.

He was not going to pick it up.

No way.

No how.

Walk away, Mitch. Just walk away.

Before he could stop himself, his fingers closed over the receiver and squeezed until his knuckles turned white.

Just then Dean poked his head around the corner. Grinning like the crazy, intuitive son-of-bitch he was, he asked, "You want me to get that?"

The image of Sara with another man curdled his blood. "No," Mitch growled and ripped the phone from the cradle. He pressed it to his ear and said gruffly, "Hello."

Sara's soft sexy voice sounded on the other end. "Mitch?"


Foregoing pleasantries and getting right to the point, she said, "My kitty stopped purring. I think it needs to be resuscitated."

Sweet Mother of God! Mitch slapped his hand to his forehead and drew a steadying breath, working overtime to tamp down his roaring libido.

He failed.

Lust ripped through him like a raging forest fire, making him tremble with pent up need. He growled low in his throat, unable to tame the primal animal rising up inside him, crumbling his resolve to keep his distance. Despite knowing better, he had every intention of breathing life back into her kitty, over and over again, using every means possible, if he had to.

If she expected anything less, she'd called the wrong guy, on the wrong night.

Reviews:Fallen Angel Reviews wrote:

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews

Cathryn Fox has a winner with THE HOT LINE: three sexy stories with daring women and scorchingly sexy, firefighting men. All three novellas are fun and quick reads.

THE HOT LINE should come with a warning. The chemistry between these three couples is hotter than a three-alarm fire, so make sure to have a cold glass of water near you, or a fire extinguisher if you burst into flames! It'll have women everywhere searching their local communities for Hot Lines of their own.

Romance Readers at Heart wrote:

Top Pick from Romance Readers at Heart

Readers will want to pour themselves a tall glass of a cold drink before reading THE HOT LINE by Cathryn Fox, as it is one hot, sexy book! You will definitely need a way to cool yourself off after reading Cathryn Fox's THE HOT LINE.