Hammered (Book 3)

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Book Cover: Hammered (Book 3)
Part of the Blue Bay Crew series:

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Former MMA fighter Tyler Owens doesn’t know what hit him when a gorgeous blond bursts into his favorite watering hole and plants a hot kiss on his mouth. But she’s not just another sexy actress—she’s Haven Roberts, the sister of the man who took his UFC title. These days he keeps his head down, but when he sees real fear in Haven’s eyes, he vows to get to the bottom of matters one way or the other.

When Haven walked into the pub, she was looking for the biggest and baddest to scare off a stalker. She can’t believe that, of all the men in Blue Bay, she chose the one man her brother hates. With her career on the line, she can’t afford any more scandal or leaked photos. When Tyler insists she put her safety in his hands, she agrees, but it isn’t just her safety she hands over to the man who fights and plays dirty.

Hot days turn into even hotter nights, but when all they’ve built together is threatened, Tyler is faced with the biggest fight of his life, and the girl who has lived her whole life pretending to be someone else must decide what’s real and what isn’t.



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