Holiday Spirit

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Book Cover: Holiday Spirit

December 18, 2012

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What's a girl to do when she finds herself held captive inside a bedroom—with the man she's been lusting after for months—by a voyeuristic spirit on Christmas Eve?

Give it what it wants, of course.

Elly Watson, Paranormal Task Force Investigator faces her most challenging and erotic assignment yet, and if she wants to free herself before Christmas morning, then she has no choice but to fulfill the spirit's wild and wicked fetishes—even if that means engaging in a fun holiday romp with her sexy co-worker, over and over again, if need be.


Elly did a sweep of the house while Lucas ushered the couple next door. As she moved through the hallway and stepped into what appeared to be a guest room, energy swirled around her, tingling her skin in the most provocative way. She fanned her face, astonished at just how hot the room was.

What the hell was this spirit up to now?

The sound of footsteps in the hall heralded Lucas's arrival. "In here, Lucas. The readings are off the chart."

When she heard him at the door, she spun around, noting that he'd removed his coat and now stood before her in a pair of jeans and a navy, button up shirt. Christ the man was drop dead gorgeous. If it got any hotter in there she wondered if he'd remove that shirt, too.

Or maybe even his pants...


As soon as that thought popped into her head, the temperature in the room seemed to soar. She set her equipment on the floor and shed her coat. "It must be a hundred degrees in here."

"At least," Lucas said, setting his gear down beside hers while his fingers worked the top two buttons on his shirt, affording her a view of a few sexy sprigs of dark chest hair.


Taking them both by surprise, the equipment slid across the floor and landed in the hall, the bedroom door slamming shut behind it.

"Oh shit," Elly cursed, spinning around, her mind orchestrating and strategizing her next move. "Oh, shit," she repeated.

Lucas tried the door. "Fuck, it's locked."

Feeling suddenly claustrophobic, she yelled, "Break it down."

Lucas put his shoulder into it, but it refused to budge. Elly tried the window and found it sealed shut. Goddammit.

When she spun back around to face Lucas a burst of sexual energy hit her like a wrecking ball, knocking her backwards. "What the hell."

"Shit, Elly," Lucas said. He grabbed her and crushed her body to his before she landed on her ass. When his hands slid around her waist and she felt his mounting desire, her nipples tightened with arousal.

Passion like she'd never before experienced worked its way through her veins, stopping at every erogenous zone along the way.

"Are you okay?" When she caught his glance, the raw ache of lust in his eyes evoked a myriad of sinful thoughts. Apparently the spirit was having a good old time messing with their libidos.

She straightened and fanned her face. "I'm not so sure," she said honestly.

A look of genuine concern came over him. He pressed his hand to her forehead. "You're burning up. Do you have your cell phone?"

She reached into her coat and pulled out the phone, not that she expected it to work with all the electromagnetic interference.

She put it to her ear. "It's dead," she assured him. She tossed it onto the bed and undid a few buttons on her blouse.

Lucas tried the door again, cursing under his breath. He slid his hand through his thick dark hair and shook his head. "Rule number one is to never get separated from your equipment," he mumbled, his voice thick with arousal because of the situation they'd found themselves in. "Stupid, stupid, stupid..."

Elly dropped onto the bed beside her phone. "Now what?" She took a moment to mull things over as Lucas moved past her to try the window, his tight, squeezable ass—which was now at eye level thank you very much - dragging her focus with him. His spicy scent curled around her, bombarding her body with primal hunger. As warmth streaked through her, she pulled his aroma into her lungs.

In one swift move that took her by surprise, Lucas ripped off his shirt, his gorgeous, athletic body glistening with perspiration.

Hot damn!

Elly licked her dry lips, her temperature soaring. Sexual tension swirled around them, demanding all their attention. Her pussy muscles clenched as moisture pooled in her panties.

He reached for his belt. "The first thing we need to do is get our bodies cooled down."

And here she'd rather heat them up...

Excited by the prospect, her mind raced with wild and wicked ideas while visions of nakedness danced in her head.

With her body beckoning his touch, and never one to let an opportunity pass, Elly stood and crossed the room to stand directly in front of Lucas. She bumped his groin and could feel his thickening cock. A low growl crawled out of his throat and she felt the way his body trembled.

"What are you doing, Elly?"

She cocked her head. "Well, for our own safety, we could always go with rule number two," she said, her voice breathy, intimate.

He frowned and shook his head. "We don't have a rule number two." His muscles bunched, his glance drifted downward, halting near her cleavage. When his dark gaze shifted back to her face, a shudder raced through her.

Her dry throat cracked, her voice dropped to a seductive whisper. The sexual pull between them was unlike anything she'd ever felt.

Elly arched one brow and unbuttoned her blouse farther, exposing the soft black satin on her bra. "I think we have to give the spirit what it wants. It seemed to work for Gloria and Phil and we certainly wouldn't want to anger it without our equipment?"

Hey, this was as good an excuse as any to get him naked and have her wicked way with him.

Suddenly, the scent of her arousal saturated the small room. She watched Lucas's throat work as he swallowed, and took note of the way his nostrils flared as he drew in her heady scent.

"What do you think it wants?" he asked, as though wanting to hear her say it. The deep sexiness of his voice made her quake. His hand brushed hers and her skin came alive.

She drew a deep breath and tilted her head back, meeting eyes that were so dark and so full of urgent need that it made her knees wobble. She gripped his shoulders, her blood igniting to a boil.

"I think it wants to watch us get naked and have sex."