Liquid Dreams

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Book Cover: Liquid Dreams

Available May 22, 2014


Ranek, protector of the underwater Bandara kingdom, has spent endless decades searching for his lost soul mate. He finally finds Katrina, a woman torn from his life centuries ago only to be reborn on land, half-human, half-Bandara.

With time running out, Ranek enters her dreams and makes wild, erotic love to her, penetrating her subconscious with the life and love they once shared in their kingdom beneath the sea.

He must bring Katrina's mind around slowly, taking care not to irreparably damage the human part of her. For if he does she will die, and as her lifelong soul mate, he will die along with her.

Katrina must decide if the man of her dreams is just that. Is he simply a dream? Or is he the man of her past, her present and possibly her future...

Note: This book has been previously published by Ellora's Cave.


Like a wild untamed panther he emerged from the ocean and stalked toward her. Every movement sensual, feral, dangerous. She trembled at the dark ferociousness of his potent gaze. Water droplets beaded on the sleek, hard planes of his muscular chest. Her eyes tracked one liquid bead, following it as it dripped down his glistening copper skin until it pooled on the tip of his engorged cock.

She moistened her lips and tried to keep her breathing steady, tried to ignore the elevated thud of her pulse. Her fingers ached to touch him. Her mouth watered for a taste. She needed him with an intensity so raw and powerful it left her shaking.

Words were not necessary. His eyes caressed her with sultry heat and she knew what he wanted. She stripped her clothes off, agonizingly slow, the way he?d taught her.


A muscle in his jaw flexed. "Yes, my love. It pleases me when you follow the rules." A primal growl rumbled beneath his soft voice.

The deep timbre of his tone stroked her in other places. A languorous warmth spread over her skin and she became acutely aware of the moisture gathering between her legs. His gaze roamed over her, stopping to inspect the rise and fall of her milky cleavage. Her breathing grew shallow and she had to fight to keep her knees from buckling. Every nerve ending was alive, on fire. Drunk with desire, she ached to touch herself, to quell the hot roiling restlessness burning between her thighs.

After he thoroughly studied her taut pink nipples, his eyes locked on hers again, indicating his readiness. She backed up until the cool ocean waves lapped at her ankles. Instead of doing what was expected of her, she spread her legs in silent invitation and slipped a finger into her warm, slick crevice.

His face went rigid while the heat in his smoldering eyes scorched her. "Lie down," he growled.

A fine tingle of anticipation worked its way through her body. That small act of disobedience wouldn?t go unpunished?

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I would love to give LIQUID DREAMS by Cathryn Fox a perfect 10!

Romance Junkies wrote:

When I long for an escape from reality, Cathryn Fox will be one of my first choices. I look forward to seeing many more new and exciting ideas coming our way from this talented author.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews wrote:

I was quickly snared by Web of Desire. Ms. Fox quickly lures you into this magical world.

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LIQUID DREAMS is most definitely a keeper!

Fallen Angel Reviews wrote:

I had a great time reading Liquid Dreams. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more from Cathryn Fox in the future.