Love Lessons (Book 3)

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Stone Cliff Series, Book 3
Available January 29, 2015

When doubtful meets determined.

When Cartoonist, Grace Bennett is given the mandate to take her comic strip from the satirical side of dating to the magical moments between a couple in love, she knows she's in big trouble. Having never experienced that fleeting emotion, how can she possibly write about it? What she needs is a miracle. Enter best friend and neighbor, Nate Wright, a man with a reputation for falling in love every other weekend. When Nate offers to share his extensive knowledge in matters of the heart and give her some lessons in love, Gracie has no choice but to accept.

Nate can't believe his luck. He's been crazy about Gracie since the moment he laid eyes on her, but she's kept him firmly in the friend zone. Helping her out with her comic strip gives him the perfect opportunity to get closer, show her what real romance is all about-what it could be like with him. The hard part is keeping his ulterior motive under wraps. If Gracie doesn't share his feelings, he risks losing her friendship forever.

One kiss later has Grace doubting the wisdom in bringing her friend into the mix, while Nate is more determined than ever to show Gracie that with love, anything is possible.


He went quiet for a moment, thoughtful, the familiar sexy grin on his gorgeous mouth gone. "I could show you what love looks like," he said softly.

She dropped her paper and was about to burst out laughing when she caught the seriousness in his eyes. Oh, God. Serious Nate was ten times sexier! Confused, she set her coffee down and held her hands out at her sides. "How can you possibly teach me anything about love or what it looks like?"

He glanced at the scribbling she'd jotted down moments ago, and made a face that suggested she was in a whole lot of trouble. He lifted it from her desk, took a closer look, then shook his head.

"Well if you think some guy handing a girl half a box of candy and dead flowers on Valentine's is what love looks like, you need more help than I thought."


She snatched the sheet from him and wadded it up into a tight ball. Honestly, how could she know what love looked like? Her mind went back to her upbringing. Her father had left when she was only two, and her mother had been alone ever since, burying herself in her job, and paying little attention to the girl that needed her love, affection and guidance so badly. For as long as Grace could remember, she had done everything on her own, and had always taken care of herself. Cripes, no wonder she was so jaded. Without a good role model, or personal experiences of love to draw on, she honestly had no idea how to recognize it when she saw it.

"Jesus Nate, you don't have to be so…so honest." She drew back her arm and lobbed the wad of paper toward the trash can, the force behind the toss knocking several more out of the can.

He laughed and gave an easy roll of one shoulder. "Sorry," he said. "But I call it as I see it."

"Well the way I see it, is I'm going to be out of a job if I don't figure this out soon."

"Which means you should take me up on my offer, and put yourself in my hands, because you obviously need me more than you realize."

Oh, I realize just how much I need you, thank you very much. As far as putting myself in your hands, well…

She pushed back in her chair, and folded her arms, ready to hear him out, purely out of curiosity. Right, a little voice in the back of her head taunted. "So tell me exactly how you plan to teach me about love?"

His sexy grin returned, and she crossed her legs to stop herself from handing him her panties.

"Why don't you leave that up to me," he said.

She arched a brow. "I want to know what you have in mind Nate."

Naked Nate. Naked Nate on a plate.

Good God, she really needed to grow up, or get laid. Or fall in love.

"You give me one week and I'll teach you all about love," he paused and pointed at her comic strip. "So your Kate will know it when she sees it."

"You know Kate's not real, right?" she said. Then again, who was she kidding? Nate of all people likely knew the character in her strip was based on her pathetic love life. And Kate just happened to be her middle name.

His eyes bore into hers, then crinkled at the corners. "Yeah whatever you say, Gracie. Now do you want my help or not?"

She gave him a skeptical look, wondering how he could possibly help her. "Are you serious?"

"Yes." He paused and angled his head, his gaze moving over her face. "You do trust me right?"

"Of course," she answered without hesitation. Nate was the one man-the only man-she'd ever trusted.

"Okay, then. Leave it up to me. You know I'll take good care of you."

She nodded, and even though she had no idea what he was up to, if she wanted to learn about love and keep her job, she had no choice but to put herself in his hands.

And let him take care of her, with his hands. And maybe even his tongue.

Oh, God.

He leaned in, so close she could feel his breath against her ear and whispered, "We'll start tonight. I'll message you the details."

As a fine shiver moved through her, she couldn't help but consider what she was getting herself into, and more importantly if it involved Nate getting naked.