Northern Heat

Book Cover: Northern Heat

Quarry Press
February 14, 2013
ISBN-10: 1550823949
ISBN-13: 9781550823943

"Emotionally compelling, sexy, contemporary romance." —Publishers Weekly

Long before the success of Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, women were writing erotic romance stories that are brazen, seductive, and sexually liberating. Among these women is a group of prize-winning Canadian authors, including Kayla Perrin and Sharon Page, whose novels have reached the USA Today Bestseller List and the pages of Publishers Weekly. These stories will leave you yearning for more ... and more ... and dispel once and for all the myth that Canadians are as frigid as the northern climate. So sit back and warm yourself with these hot stories.

Canadian authors have become internationally celebrated masters of genre fiction. Robert Sawyer explores the bounds of speculative and science fiction, Peter Robinson heads up murder and mystery fiction investigations, and Charles de Lint conjures up fantastic worlds. In Northern Heat, Canadian authors put a pen to the erotic romance genre and show that Canadians are, contrary to popular belief, incredibly sexy.

Here's what the reviewers are saying: "NORTHERN HEAT is a wonderful anthology showcasing the talents of some of Canada's romance authors. You'll be treated to several different genres and heat levels but all the stories in this book are positively delightful. Honestly, I knew we had talented authors who lived in Canada since I've read all of them before but somehow having their writing displayed under one cover just amps up the wow factor. What I especially love about this anthology is there's no hype and no scandal (ok, maybe a little scandal), but we're not going to have to be bombarded with it on the nightly news. It's simply deliciously naughty fun—and isn't that the best kind?" 5 star review from Romance Junkies.

Publisher: Quarry Press

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