Off Kilter

Book Cover: Off Kilter
Part of the Hot Scots in Kilts series:

Available June 15th. Free in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon

Tavish Findlay.

MMA’s ultimate bad boy.

A hot Scot covered in more art than the Guggenheim.

I don’t care how freaking hot he is…

Or how much my son adores him after he jumped in to protect him from bullies.

Never again will I get involved with a guy who loves the limelight—loves women—no matter how much he throws me off kilter.

But then he’s suddenly right there...

A rock solid man who makes me feel like I’m the most important woman in the world.

And when he takes me in his arms…kisses with possession…touches with obsession…

Damn you ovaries!

Then he picks up the broom. A BROOM, ladies!!!

Someone stick a fork in me. I. Am. Done.

Honestly, how could I not fall for a tatted up Prince Charming as he sweeps my floor?

But if I submit and surrender, will he open his protected heart.

Or will he tap out and walk away with mine.

Do you think I should find out?

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