Panther’s Pleasure

Book Cover: Panther's Pleasure

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Earthling Sash is ready for a little R&R—light on the Rest and heavy on the Recreation, preferably in the form of sex. She’s been obsessing about it for the past three weeks while navigating the Taconian galaxy on the way to planet, Lannar. As chief mechanic, the ship’s performance is her priority, not getting laid, or battling the weird flu bug that is making her head throb and her skin tingle. Sickness is for the weak of mind and body, and has no place in a world where only the strong survive.

Lannarian shifter, Kade has resigned himself to a life of solitude, but one look at the Earthling, Sash and he knows he’s finally found his mate. As her panther fights for freedom, there’s only one way to make her first transition easier—through mating, and as Alpha, the only way to mark her as his mate is through submission. But will this take charge woman run back to Earth when he tells her of their ways, or will she follow her cat’s instincts and stand as his Omega for life?

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