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Book Cover: Pleasure Control
Part of the Pleasure Games series:

Pleasure Games, Book 1
Reissue Edition (Trade Paperback):
Avon Red (May 21, 2013)
ISBN-10: 006226558X
ISBN-13: 9780062265586


Trade Paperback:
Avon Red (Nov 7, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0060898569
ISBN-13: 9780060898564


Mass Market Paperback:
Avon Red (June 26, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0061363405
ISBN-13: 9780061363405

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Cathryn Fox kicks off her Pleasure Games series with the erotic romance Pleasure Control, in which a most unexpected couple discovers their hidden desires are about to be exposed.

In Pleasure Control, straight-laced scientist Laura Manning works to create a drug to calm the libidos of men who've overdone the Viagra, only to find herself swept up in unexpected sexual adventures with a coworker.

Laura's colleague Jay Cutler agrees to be a human test subject for the potion she's developing, but they're both titillated to discover that it has the opposite effect intended: Jay's sexual desire goes through the roof, and Laura becomes a willing participant in the sexual adventures that come next...

Spicy and provocative, Pleasure Control is an erotic romp that's sure to entice fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Sylvia Day.


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Publisher: Avon Red, Harper Collins

She stopped to consider what she'd gotten herself into. In no time at all the man she was secretly infatuated with would be walking through her front door, expecting to see her in her slinkiest lingerie. And what were the chances she'd ever experience the feel of his lips caressing hers, or his artful fingers stroking her heated, naked flesh? None, considering the fact that she'd given him a libido suppressant hours earlier. She resisted the urge to slap her forehead. Way to go, Laura. You're brilliant. That move had Nobel Prize written all over it.

But what if he did get aroused?


The possibilities are endless. Those four simple words had echoed in her head all day. She allowed herself a brief luxurious moment to envision what it would be like to have his naked body moving over hers. His mouth kissing a path down her quivering flesh until he reached the moist fissure between her thighs. The soft blade of his tongue opening her dewy folds so he could taste her liquid arousal. His lips closing over her hooded flesh, branding her with their heat, claiming her as his own.

Her skin came alive as a wave of desire traveled onward and upward through her body. Laura shook her passion-fogged mind from its delicious wanderings and retraced her steps back to the window.

Actually, if she really thought about it, she was in a win/win situation. If Jay didn't get aroused, they'd secure their funding and make their mark in the scientific world. If he did get aroused, well a slow tremor made her body quake. Well, maybe he could douse the fire raging between her legs. Which one did she want more?

She reached for the curtain. Her fingers froze mid-air when a soft knock on her door drew her attention. She spun around and sucked in a quick, sharp breath. Her pulse leapt in her throat.

God, she was a bundle of nerves. It wasn't everyday her job required her to entice the guy she'd been fantasizing about for months. A guy who was completely out of her league.

She tightened her robe around her waist and slowly padded across the floor. Slipping her hand around the knob, she twisted it open, and eyed the man casually lounging against her doorjamb.

She took a moment to peruse the length of him. Sculpted muscles stretched the cotton fabric of his T-shirt while broad shoulders tapered to meet a tight waist and firm stomach. With symmetry and a lethally honed body, he was designed to satisfy the most insatiable.

Dressed in a pair of jeans that hugged his physique in all the wrong places, this bad boy had trouble written all over him.

He presented her with a sexy, lopsided smile. "Hey," he said, handing her a bottle of wine.

"Hey yourself." Taking a small step back, she placed the bottle on a side table, waved her hand, and gestured for him to enter. "Come in."

Without taking his eyes off her, he stepped inside. A shiver skipped down her spine at the sound of the deadbolt clicking in place.

Damn. He was so handsome. So perfect. Some deeper emotion stirred within. She moistened her lips and shrugged it off. It wasn't like she was going to fall for him if he kissed her, touched her, or made sweet love to her all night long. She knew better than to fill her head with fancy notions of love. JC Penny's weekend white sales were known to last longer than his relationships. The predatory gleam in his eyes made her pulse rate kick up a notch. She began to warm in the most interesting places. She fanned her face and loosened the lapels of her robe, exposing the lace on her teddy. Was it getting hotter in here? Schooling her expression, she banked her desires and asked, "How are you feeling? Any side effects yet?"

He shrugged, his eyes shifting downward to examine the rise and fall of her chest. A feminine thrill ran through her.

He cleared his throat and raked his bangs off his forehead. "So far so good. I still have all my hair and I'm not drooling." His gaze roamed her body. "At least not yet," he said playfully.

She glanced at his crotch. Purely for research purposes, she told herself. "Anything going on, down there?"

He grinned. "A few twitches. Nothing out of the ordinary." His eyes sparkled with mischief and something else. If she had to guess, she'd say promise. "We'll know more when we put him to the test."

She shivered with a mix of excitement and nervousness as she toyed with the belt on her housecoat. She didn't want to seem too eager, too anxious to start putting Little Jay to the test, but the promising look in his eyes prompted her into action. With renewed concentration, she plastered on an air of professionalism and fought to ignore the fine tremor of heat rippling through her.

She lowered her voice. "Perhaps we should get started. We have no idea how long this will take."

Powerful muscles shifted as he took a step closer and angled his head. His heady male scent intoxicated her and fired her senses. "Yes, perhaps we should."

Drawing a fueling breath, she inched open her housecoat, revealing a silky white chemise, lace panties and matching garter.

A rich, decadent rumble of pleasure sounded low in his throat. Her body trembled in response. She watched his eyes darken with lust as his gaze caressed her.

Lust! In his eyes! When he looked at her!

Hot damn!

Her nipples swelled under his devouring eyes. She felt her cheeks flush from heat and desire.

His fingers bit into her hips as he pulled her hard against him. A fever rose in her when her breasts crushed into a wall of thick muscle.

His voice was husky, sensual. "How did you know?" His eyes reflected his every emotion, his every desire.

"Know what?" she rasped.

With excruciating gentleness, he skimmed her curves with his palms. "That white lace is my favorite." The deep timbre of his voice covered her like warm butter.

She cleared her throat and drew in a steadying breath. "I once read that white lace will raise any man's eyebrows."

The turbulence in his eyes made her skin grow moist and tighten. He tangled his hands through her hair and urged her mouth closer.

"Yes, well, what we're looking to raise is nowhere near my eyebrows."

She resisted the urge to scream hallelujah!

Reviews:Romantic Times BOOKreviews wrote:

4 Stars from Romantic Times BOOKreviews
If you're in the market for something beyond your average sex scene but short of elaborate kink, Fox's book is perfect.

A Romance Review wrote:

5 Roses from A Romance Review

Cathryn Fox's NY debut is a smash! PLEASURE CONTROL is intriguing, evocative fun you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

Fresh Fiction wrote:

Cathryn Fox does a fabulous job of bringing sex and passion to the pages of this smart and witty story. It's definitely worth reading. And I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Romance Divas wrote:

4.5 Kisses from Romance Divas

PLEASURE CONTROL is a fun and sexy read. This is one scientific journey into the male libido you'll want to take right along with them. PLEASURE CONTROL is a spicy, erotic treat.

Joyfully Reviewed wrote:

With PLEASURE CONTROL, Cathryn Fox delivers a very lusty tale. A lot! I learned my lesson with Pleasure Control, never, ever, read a Cathryn Fox book at work. I thought the day would never end!

Romance Review Today wrote:

Hot, enthralling and simply delicious—Run don't walk to the nearest bookstore and purchase this book today. It's a must read!

New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster wrote:

Sizzling, irresistible, wonderful.

USA Today bestselling author, Julianne MacLean wrote:

Witty, clever, and wickedly titillating; Cathryn Fox is the next Queen of Steamy Romance.