Siren (Book 2)

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Burning up inside? Feeling that fire down below? 

Call The Hot Line...

It's The Hot Line, an on-call service that dispatches totally authentic, fully equipped firemen to explore the secret fantasies of women in need. What an irresistible dare for three best friends feeling the heat...

Book 2:

The Siren has sounded and shy lingerie designer Jenna Powers is finally ready for a real man to tamp her desires, break through her inhibitions, and show her the naughty side of love. Enter Dean Beckman—again and again.

Note: All three stories have been previously published in the anthology THE HOTLINE.

Reviews:Romantic Times BOOKreview wrote:

4 Stars from Romantic Times BOOKreview

THE HOT LINE is a super-sexually charged erotic romance featuring a trio of couples...Fox's use of simple language and short sentences makes her latest hot-and-heavy tales urgent and effective. As readers experience the lovemaking—both public and private—as well as the pole dancing, spanking and the lingerie fatalities, hearts will race and brows will rise.