Sun Stroked

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Welcome to the "O Spa" an exclusive island resort where legend has it a magical elixir can turn your wildest fantasies into a delicious reality...

Danielle, Lauren, and Abby have come to this secluded island paradise for a fling, not realizing the spa has a rehabilitation center for injured soldiers—or that their boldest desires are about to be realized...

Interior designer Danielle Carrigan has never told anyone about her desire to be dominated in the bedroom. But after a Sensual Soak with gorgeous weapons' expert Ethan Sharpe, something tells her that the hardcore military man will be happy to satisfy her yearning...

Used to men fixating on her killer body, Lauren Sampson is thrilled that the stud she encounters by The Pleasure Pool—who's been visually impaired by an injury—is more interested in what's beneath the surface. But while Captain Ryan Thomas's erotic touch fulfills her secret desires, will he also indulge her heart's desire?

Abby Benton is about to be engaged, but when she is rescued by sniper Cody Lannon and he takes her to The Sunset Sauna, she finds herself tempted by the intensity of his passion. Can the handsome lieutenant teach her about the fiery nature of true love?


Hands behind his back, he stepped closer and began circling her body. "So you completely understand that I can do whatever I want with you, and you can't protest. If you do, I'll have to discipline you, Dani." He pitched his voice low and added, "And trust me, you don't want any part of my discipline."

Her body tightened, her thighs quivering in erotic delight. It took great effort to speak. "I understand, Master."

Standing behind her, he touched the back of her shoulder. "So if I touch you like this, you won't protest."

She shook her head, moisture pooling between her thighs as her pussy clenched with need.

He slapped her ass. "I can't hear you," he bit out, his voice firm. "Speak up."

A wheezing sound escaped her lips. "No, Master."


"Good." His hand trailed lower, to her ass. He pulled up her dress, cupped her cheeks in his hand and squeezed to the point of painful pleasure. "And if I touch you like this, you won't protest?"

Her heart beat in a mad cadence. Breathing barely controlled, she whispered breathlessly, "No, Master."

Without removing his hand from beneath her dress he circled her, his thick fingers inching toward her throbbing pussy. He pulled aside her panties and rolled his thumb over her swollen clit. His gaze slid to her breasts.

Aching to impale herself on him, Danielle bit down on her lip, her body going up in a burst of flames. Gulping air, she glanced into his dark, tortured eyes, loving that he was playing this game for her.

"Hmph," he said, frowning, his fingers stretching open her swollen lips while his thumb inched into her slick heat.

Impatience for him to go deeper thrummed through her veins. She flushed. "What is it, Master?"

"I don't remember giving you permission to get so wet."

Oh sweet Jesus!

He shook his head and gave a heavy sigh, his thumb purposely pressing harder against her clit, coaxing it to come out to play. "I'm afraid I might have to discipline you for your insubordination, after all."

Body throbbing with need, she squirmed against his finger without permission. That action earned her a scowl.

"I also think you need to be disciplined for shaking that hot little ass of yours at me and my comrades earlier." His brow furrowed. "Did you really think you could do that and get away with it?"

His words brought on a burst of excitement and she nearly erupted right there, all over his hand. Concentrating on the points of pleasure between her legs, she moaned her response.

He pinched her nipple, hard, while his other hand did the most delicious things to her pussy. She adjusted her body, coaxing him to push his finger all the way up inside her. He didn't, letting her know he was completely in control here.

"Answer me, Danielle. Did you think I was going to let you get away with that?"

She took note of his dark tone and the way he used her full name this time. Lids slipping closed she whispered in an unsteady voice, "No, Master."

Ethan stepped back and bit out, "Look at me."

She opened her eyes and met his turbulent gaze. He looked so fucking wild, so primal, so sexy. It excited her beyond anything she'd ever known.

His scalding eyes dimmed with desire. "Take your clothes off." The authority in his voice thrilled her.

She hesitated and glanced around.

Ethan gave a humorless laugh. "What is it, Dani? Are you worried someone will see you? Maybe you should have thought about that before you shook your ass at my comrades." He jabbed his thumb into his chest. "If I want someone else to see your body, they'll see it. That decision is mine. Understand?" Possessiveness flashed in his eyes. "Now get undressed, and show yourself to me."

Gaze riveted he stood there, legs spread and hands behind his back as he watched her shed her sundress.

"Keep going," he commanded.

Silence stretched on as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. Wiggling her hips she lowered her panties, certain she heard a low growl crawl out of the depths of his throat.

Once she was naked, his eyes softened, warmth flooding the depths of his baby blues. Without warning, he leaned in and brushed his lips over hers. His kiss was so achingly gentle, so full of tenderness it took her by surprise. Oh God… Out of nowhere a myriad of emotions erupted inside her. Her head shot up. Her voice wobbled. "Ethan…"

"Back up."


Face tense, he raised his voice and looked over her shoulder. "Back up against that tree."

Given no time to explore that tender interlude, she stepped back, the tree bark scratching her flesh.

He advanced purposefully and stood before her. She glanced down and could see the huge bulge in his pants. Needing to touch him, she reached out and cradled his cock in her hands. He shook. Almost violently. It excited her to know she had the ability to rattle him.

Jaw clenched, he flinched backwards and growled, his tone clearly indicating his displeasure with her. "I didn't give you permission to touch me." With that he pulled a jackknife out of his back pocket and moved into the woods. He came back with a couple of long, bendable tree vines.

She gulped. He was a regular boy scout.

"Put your hands behind your back."

He stepped around her and using one of the vines, shackled her wrists together, forcing her compliance.

Oh how she loved his ingenuity, his creativity, his preparedness. Who better than to know his way around the woods – or her body - than her trained soldier?

"Now where were we?" he asked. "Oh yeah, I remember. I was about to discipline you."

Reviews:Joyfully Reviewed wrote:

SUN STROKED set the pages on fire. Each and every love scene explodes into fiery sensuality that will melt your heart. Tastefully written but withholding nothing back, SUN STROKED has taken three interchanging stories and characters and come across as a winning combination. I have officially decided that I need a Malik in my life since he orchestrates the entire island. I wonder if he makes house calls because I would love some of that elixir. Don't miss SUN STROKED—it is blazing hot!

Night Owl Romance wrote:

I've heard of Cathryn Fox, but never had the chance to read any of her work. SUN STROKED is an absolutely mouth-watering read that was truly difficult to put down. Her characters are so realistic that I wanted to meet and get to know each one of them personally. Descriptive images, fiery and imaginative sex, and believable plots make me want to read everything she's ever written, and believe me, I will. This is a book you have to go out to get right away, and I guarantee you'll enjoy it just as much as I have.

The Romance Studio wrote:

This was an excellent story featuring three tortured heroes and the heroines who save them from themselves while living out their own fantasies. All the cast were intriguing people with very real problems and faults that the reader can relate to. The author did a great job of tying all three novellas together and in the epilogue even teased us with a glimpse into more characters arriving at this magical island resort.

Romantic Times BOOKreviews wrote:

This collection of three steamy stories makes for saucy bedtime reading. Once readers dive into the scintillating desires of Fox¹s deliciously hedonistic heroines and their sexy soldiers, they won¹t be able to put the book down.

Coffee Time Romance wrote:

This is the ultimate in a fantasy vacation. Ms. Fox fills the pages of her book with decadent sexy men who are just begging to be rescued by sultry hot heroines. The reader cannot help but be swept up in the stunning island backdrop, and the steaming love affairs of each couple. The love scenes are incredible and very well done, but do not inhibit the story line. I enjoyed every moment between each of the couples in this story, and would love to read more from Ms. Fox.