The Rule Breaker

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Available February 22nd!

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In the NHL, I’m known as the Rule Breaker, a name I’ve been living up to a little too much, which is why my coach ordered me to clean up my image by mentoring a youth through the Big Brother Organization. Great plan, except I wasn’t expecting my “little brother” to come with a smoking hot mom. The last thing I need is to break another rule, so for this to work, she’s strictly hands off. That doesn’t mean I can’t look though…


My son needs a male role model with a positive influence, not a rebel hockey player who is as famous for his bar fights as his expertise on the ice. So why did I agree to him as my son’s big brother, especially when I need to keep a low profile? Because the second I caught him looking, my brain went on hiatus, letting my girlie parts do all the talking. That was my first mistake. The second? Don’t even get me started on that…




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