Torn Between Two Brothers

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Book Cover: Torn Between Two Brothers

April 5, 2011
A Wicked Read
Length: Novella

Lauren Gray loves everything about Adam Wilson, everything from his zest for life to his roguish good looks and his wild, wicked ways in bed. She can't, however, deny that his absence during the week poses a problem for her, but as a commercial pilot, he spends his weekdays flying. Nor can she deny that while she loves their frantic lovemaking sessions, there are times when she'd like to shift things into slow gear.

When she discovers Adam home during the weekday, draped in darkness and asleep in his bed, she isn't about to question her good fortune. She slips between the sheets with him and attributes his achingly gentle touch and soft, sensuous kisses to his mellow state. Except come morning she realizes that it wasn't Adam who was searing her body with his slow, sultry lovemaking, it was his brother Garret—a race car driver who, unlike Adam, is home during the week and uses a gentle hand in the bedroom.

Lauren can't help but think that separately the brothers are amazing, but a combination of the two makes the perfect package. And when this good girl realizes she's torn between two brothers it has her thinking about breaking all the rules...


"Oh. My. God."

Garret Wilson blinked his eyes open and stared at the gorgeous woman looking down at him. With a tangle of bed sheets clutched to her chest, her big eyes were wide, her sexy mouth agape. Her long chestnut hair was tousled and mussed from last night's lovemaking marathon, and had his cock hardening all over again. Adam wasn't kidding when he said she was amazing.

As his erection tented the sheets, her big blue eyes went from his face, to his obvious arousal, back to his face again. Despite the shock spreading across her flushed cheeks, he spotted some other emotion swimming in the depth of those baby blues. Something that resembled desire. She wanted him again—as much as he wanted her—and that realization had his cock growing another inch.


Jesus, he'd been around the block a time or two, and had bedded his fair share of women, but he'd never quite met a girl like her. So warm, so giving, so generous and sensual between the sheets that it did the strangest things to his insides. Want zinged through him as last night's erotic memories warmed his blood. Adam was right, there was just something about her, something so unique and beguiling that it could turn even the wildest of playboys into a one-woman kind of guy.

Her gorgeous pink nipples—nipples that he'd sucked long and hard until their cries of pleasure merged—pressed against the white sheet, and it occurred to him that she was a lethal combination of sweet and sexy and was every bit as giving and passionate between the sheets as his brother had said she was.

As Garret stared at her, he knew his heart didn't stand a chance, not with a girl like her. Even though he'd just met her, with the way Adam talked about her it felt like he'd known her for his entire lifetime, which could very well account for what he was feeling. He guessed his brother was betting on that. She brought things out in him that left him reeling and thanks to Adam he knew her wants and needs better than she, herself, did. Which was exactly why he was here.

"Good morning."

"Good morning?" she rushed out. "Good morning? That's all you have to say? Good morning!"

He went up on his elbows. "What else would you like me to say?" he asked slowly, in an attempt to calm her and make this as easy on her as possible.

"How about, geez, sorry about last night."

"But I'm not sorry." He reached out to gently trace the pretty outline of her areola, barely visible behind the sheet she desperately clutched to her chest. Last night he discovered the way she liked to be touch and he planned to put that knowledge to good use. He rubbed her nub with the soft pad of his thumb, ever so gently, just enough to make it harden beneath his hand. "Why should I be?"

She shivered under his invasive touch and inched toward him. The movement was slight, but he noticed it. Then, as if she suddenly realized what she was doing, she squared her shoulders and bit out, "Because you pretended you were Adam."

"No I didn't."

"You slept with me!"

"And you slept with me," he responded, reminding her that it was she who'd crawled in with him. "And I don't believe I was the only willing participant in this bed last night."

Gorgeous blue eyes flashed daggers. "That's because I thought you were Adam."

She looked so sweet and vulnerable that a wave of tenderness stole over him. He softened his voice and asked, "Didn't you enjoy it?" He reached for her, but she pulled back.

"No. Yes. I don't know. I thought you were Adam."

Okay, they were clearly going in circles here and they both needed coffee. When he pushed the comforter off, she quickly averted her glance and scrambled to the other side of the bed.

"Wait. Don't," she rushed out.

"Don't what?", he asked.

"Don't get up. You're naked."

Everything inside him went out to her. He dipped his head and spoke in whispered words. "It's a little late for modesty, don't you think, Lauren?"

With that her head snapped up and a wheezing sound escaped her lips when she asked, "So you know who I am, then?"

"Sure." He paused to take pleasure in the sight of the gorgeous woman before him. "But believe me, Adam's description didn't do you justice. You're the most beautiful, sensuous woman I've ever met." Just then Nate jumped on the bed and brushed against him. "Hey boy, miss me?" he asked.

Lauren bit down on her lower lips as her glance moved over his face, a careful assessment. He could almost hear the wheels spinning as he stroked his cat. Then when her eyes widened, and her cheeks flushed Garret knew she'd figured it out.

"Ohmygod, your Garret, Adam's brother."

"Yeah, that's me."

Reviews:Cherubs Library wrote:

I found TORN BETWEEN TWO BROTHERS to be an incredibly hot, sensual, and sexy story!! It is a quick, easy read and you will want to re-read some scenes several times! This tastefully written, multiple partner story, flowed seamlessly. Contemporary erotic romance readers will love this book.

Joyfully Reviewed wrote:

Lauren loves Adam but there is definitely something missing in their relationship. Things are hot and heavy between them on the weekends but during the week Adam is busy piloting people around the world. Lauren needs more from their relationship; she needs some loving during the week as well.

Adam is so in love with Lauren and he knows she needs more from him and he has the perfect solution. Garret is a race car driver and Adam's brother. Garret's job is a strictly weekend thing and Adam sees this as the perfect solution to Lauren's and his problems. Now all he has to do is make Lauren and Garret fall for each other as well.

Torn between two Brothers is hot and spicy! Adam is oh so willing to make his woman happy including giving her to his brother during the week. I adored Lauren's reaction to her first encounter with Garret. It brought a bit of funny into this erotic novella and was honest. Cathryn Fox has delivered a sexy arousing treat. Torn between two Brothers is right where you will want to be.

Romance Book Craze Blog wrote:

A definite must read. A hot, fast paced, novella that will have you fanning yourself in no time at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me sucked in right away and it wouldn't let go until the last page. Lauren if very sexual and has a great outgoing personality. Adam is strong and commanding in a very Alpha way. Garrett is soft, gentle and very nurturing. I absolutely loved every one of them. The story was good for a novella and the chemistry and sex scenes were smoking. The only problem I have with this book was it was too short. I would have liked this to be longer so I could get more of these two extremely hot, sexy men.