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Book Cover: Unleashed

Available May 22, 2014

runningwildin print part of the RUNNING WILD anthology
Ellora's Cave
September 2006/May 2007
ISBN-10: 141995508X
ISBN-13: 9781419955082

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The last thing Paranormal Task Force Agent Jace Garrett wants is to be teamed up with psychic Skylar Bray on a hunt for a murderous werewolf. It's not that he doesn't believe in her psychic abilities or her skills, he's worried that she will sense the secret he's been hiding for years—that the blood of a werewolf runs through his veins.

To Skylar, the only good werewolf was a dead werewolf. Years ago, her family was slain by a murderous pack, and Skylar has vowed revenge on all the brutal creatures.

Forced to go undercover at an erotic, adults-only resort with handsome Agent Jace Garrett, Skylar quickly finds her desire spiraling out of control.

Skylar and Jace discover a physical and emotional connection in the sensual atmosphere of the resort, but time is running out. The killer has set his sights on Skylar—and the full moon is on the rise.

Note: This book has been previously published by Ellora's Cave.


Her sultry voice was as bewitching as the woman herself, and he felt himself being pulled under by her spell. He shuddered involuntarily and blinked his mind back into focus.

"Call me Jace," he mumbled and tried not the think about the way his entire body tightened at the sound of her voice.

He took a moment to note his physical reaction to her then fought to clear his arousal-fogged brain and gain control over the situation.

He wanted to step back, to break away from her delectable aroma as it perfumed the air, but something compelled him to remain close. His legs wouldn't carry him away from this intoxicating woman.


How was he supposed to concentrate on anything when his senses were overcome with her hypnotizing scent? He somehow had to find a way, because he needed his wits about him in order to gauge the strength of her powers.

Would she be able to sense the wolf stirring within him?

He watched the play of emotions cross her face and wondered what she was thinking. Was she trying to reach into the depths of his mind, to glimpse the area that he'd kept suppressed for so many years?

"I guess we're going to be partners for the next couple of days," she said. There was something about the lilt in her voice that drew him in. It got under his skin and warmed his body like the buzz of a fine wine.

"Guess so," he mumbled. Did she have any idea what she was getting herself into? Tracking a werewolf was a far cry from a day at the beach. She could get hurt, or even worse, killed.

"Don't worry, Jace. I know what I'm doing." She folded her arms across her chest and met his gaze unflinchingly.

Great. Now fate had tossed in a little mind reading to really fuck things up. He frowned and shook his head.

She flung her wavy curls off her shoulders and quirked a small smile. "No, I can't read your mind. Captain Sanders warned me you'd be leery."

He cocked one brow in the Cap's direction. Leery? That wasn't the word he?d choose. More like downright opposed.

His Captain stood and moved to the front of his desk. Arms folded across his barrel chest, his gaze darted between Jace and Skylar. "You two play nice." With that, he made his way out into the hall. "And keep safe," he tossed over his shoulder as he disappeared from their line of vision.

Jace turned his attention back to Skylar. He studied the petite woman before him. The first woman in a long time to rouse such a primal reaction in him.

The one woman he had to keep his distance from.

God dammit!

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5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

UNLEASHED is a wonderful read and will keep you on the edge of your seat speculating on what will happen next. Oh yeah, the sex was mega-hot!

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UNLEASHED offers readers an erotic paranormal with a touching love story. Cathryn Fox has done an absolutely wonderful job earning 5 Angels!

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UNLEASHED is every wolf lover's dream, and they will be clamoring for more by the end of the book.

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