Yours To Keep (Book 3)

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Available September 15, 2015

With the BDSM lifestyle behind her, Rebecca Andrews attempts to pick up the pieces of her life, but she soon discovers it would be easier to give up breathing than to quit Quinn Montgomery. But she can’t go back, not when a line has been crossed, one that took her back to the dark days of her childhood.

Quinn is determined to win Rebecca back, but with deep-rooted fears pulling them apart, he knows he has no choice but to betray her trust to help free her from her past. He’ll do whatever it takes too make her whole again, even if it means losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

Rebecca soon finds herself on a journey of discovery and healing, but with boundaries crossed and bonds broken, will she be able to take the ultimate risk and surrender her heart to the man who just helped her put it back together again.