Under Pressure · Dossier · Book 3

"Cathryn Fox is always hot, sexy and delicious." - Lisa Renee Jones, New York Times bestselling author the of The Inside Out series.
Under Pressure by Cathryn Fox
Veterinarian, Reese Scott can't believe it when her dossier contains vouchers to South Africa to go cage diving with sharks. And when not being intimidated by sea creatures, she's supposed to be having hot monkey sex with a stranger. So why would her best friend Cole Rayburn be involved in her adventure?

Except when Cole takes his shirt off, and she sees he's filled out in all the right places, she can't help but want a closer look…touch. Too bad he'll always see her as the tomboy from next door. When she finds herself inside a shark cage and in his arms, she knows she has to do something about it.

But what if she tries to seduce her best friend and he rejects her? More importantly…what if he doesn't?

Each book in the Dossier series is STANDALONE, but the publication order is:

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