Print List of Books

End Zone 

  1. Fair Play
  2. Enemy Down
  3. Keeping Score
  4. All In (Novella)
  5. Trading up (TBA)

Line of Duty: Print 

  1. His Obsession Next Door
  2. His Strings to Pull (novella not in print)
  3. His Trouble In Tallulah
  4. His Tast of Temptation
  5. His Moment to Steal
  6. His Best Friends Girl
  7. His Reason to Stay

PLayers on Ice: Print

  1. The Playmaker
  2. The Stick Handler
  3. The Body Checker
  4. The Hard Hitter
  5. The Risk Taker
  6. The Wingman
  7. The Puck Charmer
  8. The Troublemaker
  9. The Rule Breaker
  10. The Rookie
  11. The Sweet Talker
  12. The Heart Breaker (TBA)

Dossier Series: Print

  1. Private Reserve
  2. House Rules
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Big Catch
  5. Brazillian Fantasy
  6. Improper Proposal

Romantic Comedy

  1. Hooked on You
  2. Burbs and the Bees

Yours Trilogy: (Trilogy bundled and available in one print books)

  1. Yours to Take
  2. Yours to Teach
  3. Yours to Keep

Sun Stroked trilogy: (Trilogy bundled and available in one print book)

  1. Private Pleasure
  2. Seaside Seduction
  3. Deep Desire

Firefighter Heat Trilogy: (Trilogy bundled and available in one print book)

  1. Fever
  2. Siren
  3. Flash Fire
  4. Burn (ebook only)

Stone Cliff Series:

  1. Crashing Down (Print)
  2. Wasted Summer (Print)
  3. Wrapped Up (Ebook)
  4. Love Lessons (Ebook)

Breaking the Rules: (Print)

  1. Hold me Down Hard
  2. Tie Me Down Tigth

Playing For Keeps: (Cowboys Print)

  1. Slow Ride
  2. Wild Ride
  3. Sweet ride

Whispering Cove: (Print 4 books in one)

  1. Wet
  2. Brazen
  3. Silk
  4. Flirty

Men with Millions: (Limited Print)

  1. On His Knees
  2. On Her Terms
  3. Under His Skin
  4. Under His Obsession

Dirty Rich Boys (Coming Soon): (Limited Print)

  1. Shattered (Prequel, ebook only)
  2. Corrupted
  3. Devoured
  4. Exposed

FLING: (Limited Print)

  1. Fling
  2. Spring Fling

Bad Boy Confession: (Ebooks Only)

  1. Confessions of a Bad Boy Professor
  2. Confessions of a Bad Boy Cop
  3. Confessions of a Bad Boy
  4. Confessions of a Bad Boy Santa
  5. Confessions of a Bad Boy Gamer
  6. Confessions of a Bad Boy Doctor
  7. Confessions of a Bad Boy Millionaire
  8. Confessions of a Bad Boy CEO

Pleasure Inn: (Ebooks Only)

  1. All Tied Up
  2. All Wolrked Up
  3. All Lit Up

Boys of Beachville: (Limited amount in print)

  1. Good at being Bad
  2. Ingiting the Bad Boy
  3. Bad Girl Therapy

Alluring Tales Anthology: (Limited Print)

  1. Awaken the Fantasy
  2. Hot Holiday Nights

Blue Bay Crew: (print book available)

  1. Demolished
  2. Leveled
  3. Hammered

Pleasure Control. (Availabe on line in print and ebook. I do not have copies)

  1. Pleasure Control
  2. Pleasure Prolonged
  3. Pleasure Exchange

Single Dad Series (Print available)

  1. Single Dad Next Door
  2. Single Dad on Tap
  3. Single Dad Burning Up
  4. Single Dad With Benefits (TBA)

HELLS: (Availabe in Ebook)

  1. Hotter than Hell
  2. Raise a little Hell
  3. Hells Angels

Invitation to Eden: Breaking Free: 

  1. Print book includes Breaking Free, and Torn Between Two Brothers.

SINGLE TITLES Available in print:

  1. Bonding Games
  2. Engaging the Bachelor
  3. Penthouse Pact
  4. Learning Curves
  5. Betting on the Wrong Brother
  6. Hands On (Contains: Hands On, Body Contact, Full Exposure)
  7. Betting Bad
  8. Primal Instinct (Anthology) co-written with Lisa Renee Jones.
  9. Wood, co-written with Lauren Hawkeye

Single Titles Available in Ebook:

  1. Magic and Mayhem (Written with Sylvia Day)
  2. Hot For Santa
  3. Unleashed
  4. Liquid Dreams
  5. Magic and Mayem
  6. Knocking on Demons Door
  7. Web of Desire
  8. Breath of Fire
  9. Blood Ties
  10. Holiday Spirit
  11. Hands on with the CEO
  12. Panthers Pleasure


Eternal Pleaure:

  1. Instinctive
  2. Impulsive
  3. Indulgent

Prides Run:

  1. Prides Run
  2. Pride Unleashed
  3. Pride’s Pursuit

Mind Games: Written as Taylor Keating.

  1. Game over
  2. Mind Games
  3. Fair Game


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