Alluring Tales 2: Hot Holiday Nights

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The holidays are heating up—with seven wickedly sensual stories guaranteed to spice up those chilly winter nights!

A determined lady comes home, burning for her girlhood crush—a sexy lawman who totes a big gun...

A creative ad man's passion is aroused when he sees his buttoned-up coworker in a revealing new light—dressed in sizzling red satin on a giant billboard...

A professional dominatrix wishes upon a star, and her fantasy appears—an insatiable alpha male in biker boots who's literally out of this world...

A tall, dark, handsome warlock finds himself obsessed with his "familiar"—a sleek and sexy cat-woman who turns out to be the purr-fect lover...

She was always hot for big brother's best friend—and now her erotic dream is here in the taut and tempting flesh. . .

A pair of fugitive lovers finds themselves warm and toasty in a sultry Caribbean paradise—and ready for some red-hot fun in the sun...

Publisher: Avon Red, Harper Collins

"My new guy's member is enormous and my mouth is so tiny." Tucked in the corner of Risqué, a members-only erotic club where Jennifer Angel bartended, Jennifer clicked through her in-box and read her messages out loud. Peeking over her laptop, she cast her best friend, Cat Nichols, a glance and said, "Jeez, you'd think spammers would have something better to do with their time." She moved on to the next message and blurted out, "Okay, I don't even have an erectile, so how can it be dysfunctional?"

With that, Cat laughed out loud. "Speaking of enormous members and erectile dysfunction, have you Googled him?"

Jennifer arched a questioning brow. "Googled him?" She kicked off her shoes, making herself more comfortable, and powered down her laptop. As she reached for her psychology textbook she asked, "Why would I google him?"


Cat spun her laptop around on the small wooden table top, closed the article she'd been working on, and said, "Go for it. You'd be amazed at what you can find out about people on the Internet."

"Sam isn't going to hook me up with some psycho, gun-wielding, knife-throwing serial killer, is he?" Jennifer narrowed her eyes and scrutinized her friend. "Unless there is something I should know about your husband."

Cat chuckled. "Of course not." She held her hand up in honor. "I promise you that he's setting you up with one of the new research scientists who has just transferred in from the California branch. But go ahead and do it anyway. I Google people all the time."

"Of course you do. You're a reporter." Jennifer flipped through her textbook. "I'm a fourth-year psych student, no need for me to Google people. Within five minutes of meeting him, I'll have him all figured out."

"Have you ever Googled yourself?" Relaxing after a long workweek, and needing something to warm her up on this cool December day, Cat reached for her wine and took a sip.

Jennifer cocked her head and offered her friend a devilish grin. "Uh, yeah. All the time. Which is why you insisted I needed a man in my life."

Laughing, Cat nearly spewed her wine all over the laptop. "You're such a smart-ass, Jenn."

"It's a gift." Jennifer tossed her a lopsided smile and then turned her attention to her open book, going over last night's lecture.

The ever persistent Cat pressed on, "Come on, just type his name in here, and you'll learn all about your mystery date."

Jennifer crinkled her nose and reached for her drink. The wicked gleam in her friend's eyes worried her. What the hell was Cat up to? "Why can't he get his own girl, anyway?

What kind of loser agrees to go on a blind date?"

"Helloooo, you're going on a blind date, too, aren't you?"

"Yeah but that's different. I just don't have the time to find myself a good man," she scoffed and added, "Heck, forget good. Tonight I'd settle for a hard man." Although good and hard would certainly be a bonus, she mused. The truth was, as much as Jennifer wanted to, between work and school, she just didn't have the time to spice up her sex life-her very nonexistent sex life, save for her battery-operated toy, which she frequently Googled herself with.

"Besides, you and I both know what kind of deadbeat losers I attract," Jennifer lamented.

"Which is the only reason I agreed to this setup in the first place. When it comes to instincts, I'm sure Sam's are better than mine. He's not likely to set me up with some jackass," she said, putting emphasis on that last word.

Never one to let things go, Cat insisted, "Go ahead and find out for yourself."

Needing to appease her friend so she could get some schoolwork done before her blind date called to arrange a time and place for pickup, Jennifer grabbed the laptop and tossed Cat an impatient look. "Okay, okay, what did you say his name was again?"

"Jack," Cat said, unable to keep the grin from her face. "Jack Miller."

Jennifer rolled her eyes heavenward. "What were the odds?"

"But don't worry, Jenn. Sam assures me he's one of the good guys."

Jennifer grinned. "Like I said, tonight I'd settle for hard." She keyed in his name and gave a resigned sigh. "Oh well, at least this will give us something to talk about during dinner." Since chatting about the weather was out-winter in Chicago hardly made for riveting conversation-this way she'd be armed with the basics.

After confirming that her impending date was a research scientist-an award-winning research scientist to be precise-who ran sexy experiments on the female libido, Jennifer suddenly felt a surge of heat between her legs. She made a slow pass over her bottom lip as her thighs fluttered. Eyes alive with curiosity, she scanned the rest of the article and then went on to study the picture of Jack Miller.

Dark hair cut short gave him a boy-next-door look, but the sexy grin curling up the corners of his sensual mouth, combined with the smoldering heat in his gorgeous blue eyes, told her he was anything but. From the picture alone she couldn't tell what his body looked like, she'd have to wait until tonight to find out. As her gaze moved over his face, she fought back the urge to rub her hands in eager anticipation. Although something in her gut already told her this bad boy had a rock-hard physique that could torture her sex-starved libido in the most pleasant ways.

When she took a moment to entertain the idea, her body grew needy. Her nipples quivered and her pussy muscles tightened in heavenly bliss. Out of nowhere a burst of heat prowled through her, settling low in her loins. She clamped her knees and squeezed, merely adding fuel to the flames between her legs.

The one thing that Jennifer did know for certain was that there was something undeniably primal about Jack Miller that made her feel a little wild, and a whole lot wicked.

Once she finished the article, she gave in to impulse and decided to Google herself. Jennifer punched in her name, read the search results before her, and then rolled her eyes.

"Jesus, what were the odds?" she said. "I share my birthright with a stripper."

Jennifer Angel, AKA Peaches.

Cat chuckled. "That's one hell of a coincidence, Jenn. Just think, if Jack Googled you, and you asked him to pick you up here, he'd surely think that you're Jennifer Angel, AKA Peaches."

A little intrigued and a whole lot curious, she nibbled her bottom lip, wondering if her blind date had Googled her. If so, was he expecting a sex-deprived psychology student or an exotic pole dancer?

Her mouth twitched. Could a sexy mistake in identity lead to a night of wild, unadulterated sex, with Jennifer, AKA Peaches, living out her every fantasy?

How delightfully scandalous.

Reviews:Romantic Times BOOKreviews wrote:

Each story provides a quick treat to spice up your holidays. The tales are entertaining... Steamy erotic sex scenes include mild BDSM, anal and m/f/m.

Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy

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including Lover's Locket

"Lover's Locket" by Cathryn Fox

Centuries ago, on the eve of her arranged wedding to a man she doesn't love, Princess Caira Montright flees her father's castle and secretly meets her lover, Zarek.

Their plans to elope are foiled when one of Lord Montright's vassals captures them. The all-powerful Lord Montright places a curse on Zarek, banishing him to an eternity of hell inside a portrait—a portrait that finds its way back to Caira in every lifetime. Zarek is forced to watch Caira throughout the centuries yet never be able to claim her as his own.

The only thing that can break the curse is for Caira to recite the incantation on the Lover's Locket. Then she must battle the forces of evil to free him forever.

Publisher: Avon Red, Harper Collins

"I see you have found the Lover's Locket."

"What?" Startled by the woman's sudden appearance, Caira jumped back. She hadn't even heard her approaching footsteps.

The woman gestured toward the beautiful silver necklace enclosed behind the protective walls of the glass case and motioned for her to take a better look.

"The Lover's Locket," she repeated. Her aged voice cracked like dry brittle bones causing goose bumps to pebble Caira flesh.

Palms open, Caira placed her hands on the glass. She was so mesmerized by the beauty of the exquisite piece of jewelry she almost found it impossible to speak. She fought to recover her voice. "It's magnificent."

"You're searching...Yes?"

"Searching?" Caira didn't understand the question.


"For your true love."

She was surprised at how perceptive the old woman was. Uncomfortable talking about her personal life with a complete stranger, Caira turned the discussion back to the locket. "Is it antique?"

The woman ignored her question and asked one of her own. "Should you wish to have it?"

Caira gave a quick shake of her head. "I can't afford-"

The woman cut her off. "It is not for you to argue." She opened the glass case, removed the locket, and placed it in Caira's hand.

The second the locket came into contact with her flesh an odd tingling began in her bloodstream. She was strangely fascinated by the piece. Strangely fascinated by the way her pulse kicked up a notch at first contact. Curious of its origins, she stared at the antique locket in awe. She'd never seen anything more beautiful.

The woman touched her arm bringing Caira's attention back to her. "You feel it don't you?" she asked.

Uneasiness closed in on her as she met the woman's challenging gaze. She felt something, an unexplainable strange pull toward the locket, but she wasn't about to admit it. She lowered her lashes, hiding her emotions from the woman's probing gaze.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Caira responded quickly, turning the locket over in her hand. A ribbon of sunlight burst through the window and reflected off the unusual intricate design etched in the silver. Caira squinted and stared at the inscription until the words in front of her blurred together.

The gypsy curled her weathered fingers around Caira's and squeezed until the locket was tightly enclosed in the safety of her small hand. "With this locket comes great power, but with all great power there comes darkness."

"What do you mean?" Caira asked, indulging her for a moment.

Her gravelly voice became as smooth as silk as she recounted the tale of the Lover's Locket. "It is said that if one recites the incantation etched in the silver, their true love will be revealed." Suddenly, an anxious expression crossed the gypsy-woman's beguiling violet eyes. "The incantation also awakens the Keeper of Darkness from his eternal slumber." Frowning intently, she looked deep into Caira's eyes. "The person who recites the incantation is the only one who can defeat the Keeper of Darkness. It is said that death is the price of failure."

Caira blew out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. She remembered the old legend well. It was only a few years ago while babysitting her niece that she'd recounted the story herself. She almost laughed out loud at the foolishness of it all. She took a moment to recall the legend.

It was believed that centuries ago on the eve of her arranged wedding to a man she didn't love, a rebellious princess had fled her father's castle and secretly met her lover. Their plans to elope were foiled when one of the Lord's vassals captured them. The all-powerful Lord had a curse placed on his daughter's lover. In retaliation, the princess acquired the help of an old, gypsy woman. She had an incantation etched on her most precious possession, a locket given to her by her lover. Should the locket find its way to her in another lifetime, the princess could read the incantation and break the curse. But unfortunately, as the old woman had already said, with great power comes great darkness. The princess must battle the forces of evil to free her lover forever.

"You know the story...yes?" The worry in the woman's voice gained her full attention.

Caira forced a smile and addressed the old woman's concerns. "It's just a legend. A story told at slumber parties. The legend also says that only the princess can unleash its power," she pointed out. Rolling her shoulders she continued, "So if this ever fell into the hands of the original owner-"

A frown formed on her forehead as the old woman sealed her protest with her fingers. Caira repressed a shiver as a chill rushed through her. "What makes you think you're not the original owner, Bella?"

Her skin prickled. The air almost seemed to crackle with electricity. Bella?

Obviously the old woman had her confused with someone else.

"My name isn't Bella, its Caira."

The woman gave a slow nod. "Yes, of course, Caira. Forgive my slip. Perhaps this belonged to you in the past, Caira."

She met the woman's glance and tried to placate her. "It's ridiculous to believe the legend." Waving her hand over her worn jeans and t-shirt she said, "Besides, I hardly think I was a princess in another lifetime."

"Yes, well, you'll never know unless you recite the incantation." The look in the woman's eyes caused her skin to grow cold.

Caira gulped, her stomach plummeted. Good Lord what was going on with her? What was she getting all worked up about? She shook her head to clear it. It was just a silly legend.

Wasn't it?

Reviews:Fallen Angel Reviews wrote:

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews

Passionate encounters lead to love affairs that will make the reader sigh with satisfaction. Each story effortlessly blends into the other, and I wasn't able to put the book down. For old fans and new readers alike, ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY is a true delight!

CK2S Kwips and Kritiques wrote:

Wow! Individually, each of the stories in the anthology ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY more than sizzle, but united in one hot little book, they are downright combustible! The title promises alluring tales, and it definitely delivers!

With some anthologies, you find several stories you like or love, and maybe a story or two that aren't quite up to par. It would be hard to find anyone who could say this about ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY! Each story is just as good as the last one. I personally would be hard pressed to choose a favorite between them, and am very grateful I don't have to!

The Romance Studio wrote:

ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY really does offer a story for every taste. Each story is well written and all the authors have written stories that are engaging and entertaining. This anthology is a great way to get a taste of the writing styles of each author, making Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy, an excellent book to read.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews wrote:

WOW!! ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY was an amazingly erotic book filled with lots of sex, interesting characters and {keep beating my heart} love. The seven Allure authors have developed a group of well-written and easy flowing stories. I was impressed by the anthology as a whole and am more than ever eager to read more Allure authors.

Alluring Tales: Night Moves — Laid Bare

Book Cover: Alluring Tales: Night Moves — Laid Bare
Part of the Alluring Tales series:

When a mermaid saves a drowning man she unleashes a tidal wave of passion that could destroy her very world.

Ella, a mermaid from Dualii, a kingdom deep below the sea, has returned to the quaint coastal town of Crystal Cove, Nova Scotia, a place where she'd once saved a drowning boy. Except when she sees the teenager from her past, she knows he is anything but a boy. He is a man, one who taunts her body and heart in the most inexplicable ways and has her questioning her very future.

As he stands naked beneath the full moon Ella knows she must have him—before she returns home and succumbs to her arranged marriage. Despite the rules set in place for her kind, rules to protect the identity of her people, she decides a blatant seduction is in order. With her body beckoning his touch, Ella lays herself bare as everything inside her urges her to experience his personal brand of lovemaking—just once—before she wipes his mind of their encounter and returns to her underground world forever.

Except when the heat they generate hinders her abilities to strip his memories and everything in his touch stirs her soul, Ella knows she wants to turn fantasy into long term reality. But when she finds years of research papers, she understands that not only does his study of mythical creatures threaten their future, he is the one man who could destroy her very kind.


After replenishing her body, Ella returned to the boat house to climb back into the shorts and t-shirt she'd borrowed from a stranger's clothesline earlier that morning. Even though she hated to take things that didn't belong to her, she couldn't very well walk around town naked.

Once dressed she made her way back to the dock, to await the handsome man from her past. Nervousness invaded her stomach when she finally spotted him coming her way, returning to his ocean-side cottage after a long, hard swim out to sea. Her mind raced with questions while her skin prickled with uneasy anticipation.

Would he recognize her after all this time?


Steeling herself she stood back and observed him as he gripped the dock and lifted his long lean torso from the sea. Water dripped from his magnificent body and when his glistening eyes locked on hers, she sucked in a sharp breath, the pull between them every bit as powerful today as it was all those years ago. Ella watched him and waited, anxious to see how he'd react to her.

He slowly climbed to his feet, and when he reached his full height, towering a good foot over her, his brow furrowed in bewilderment, clearly taken aback to find someone on his dock.

He reached for his clothes. "How...who?"

"It's been too long," Ella murmured under her breath as she gazed at his nakedness. It made her want to shed her own clothes, to return to her natural form.

With his hand hovering over his pants, confusion clouded his eyes and he glanced at the houses dotting the cove. "Do I know—" then suddenly, before he even completed his sentence, his head spun back to her and awareness dawned on his face.

Ella held her breath and waited.

His stood up, his gaze darting to her legs. At first surprise registered in his eyes—then perhaps a bit of disappointment when he glimpsed her land legs instead of her sea tail—but then...well...then something else seemed to take possession of him, something that looked a lot like desire.

His eyes leisurely trailed upward again, visually caressing her body in a way that made her body tremble and her heart race. She could feel the heat in his body reaching out to her, caressing her and pulling her under like a warm, rogue wave.

"It's you," he whispered, his voice husky from both desire and amazement. "Jesus, it's really you."

As years of yearning for this man twisted her insides, she bit back a breathy moan, elated that he'd recognized her, but even more thrilled to hear the need lacing his voice. It was that need that spoke volumes and told her that he hadn't forgotten about her either.

"Yes, it's me," she returned without regard for the secrets of her people, but knowing that come morning she'd wipe his mind of her no matter how hard it would be for her to erase his memories. She realized she wanted him to remember her, wanted him to reminisce about their time together after she disappeared beneath the sea, the same way she would think about every moment of this stolen night, when she was locked in a loveless marriage.

A low tortured noise sounded in his throat and pain haunted his eyes when he asked, "Where have you been?"

Ella took a tentative step closer, craving so much from this man. "All that matters is that I'm here now."

His gaze moved over her face, assessing her. "I've been looking for you," he murmured and she didn't miss the tremor in his voice, the undeniable need lacing his words when he added, "I've been searching for so long now."

Desperate to know more—everything—about him, she rushed out, "What's your name?"

"Liam. Liam Jackson."

"Liam," Ella repeated thinking it was the most beautiful name she'd ever heard. "I'm Ella."

His smile was slow, shaky when he admitted, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, Ella." Just hearing him say her name for the first time and knowing he'd been thinking about her all these years filled her with a new kind of want.

"I've haven't been able to stop thinking about you either," she admitted honestly and as her body beckoned his touch, she placed her hand on his shoulder in a means to hurry along the intimacy. She wanted him, had needed him for so long now and she didn't want to waste one more glorious second of the night.

He stroked her arm and she shivered beneath his touch, the strange bond between them tremendous, even after all this time. "I never had the chance to thank you."

Ella smiled, "Seeing you alive and here today is thanks enough."

His brows furrowed and conflicting emotions passed over his eyes. "What took you so long to come back?"

Ella frowned, unsure of what to say. How could she tell him that meeting him like this was forbidden, and that after tonight, after she wiped his memory—something she should have done fifteen years ago—he'd never remember her again?

He stepped back to examine her, his gaze heartily drinking her in. She could tell by the look on his face that he was still shocked to find her standing on his dock. "You're just as beautiful as I remember," he whispered and everything in the way he studied her promised of something far more intimate. "Except now you're all grown up."

His beauty took her breath away and there was nothing she could do to stop her body from quaking, but she knew she wasn't just reacting to him physically. Even though it wasn't logical, and they were from different worlds, she wanted this man on a whole different level.

Her breath grew shallow as she looked at his nakedness. "So are you."

He studied her face and he suddenly seemed unsure. She could almost hear the wheels spinning as his mind raced with unanswered questions. "That day, that day you saved me, you took off before I had a chance—" She touched her fingertip to his mouth to silence him.


He closed his mouth, instantly understanding now was not the time for questions.

Another shiver moved through her and he must have mistaken it for something else. He stepped closer and gathered her into his arms like it was the most natural thing for him to do. Her body molded into his and she felt his blatant need as his cock pressed against her stomach.

His soft whisper covered her like a blanket and she could sense his trepidation when he asked, "Are you okay?"

As she looked up at him she feared she'd never be okay again, especially if she followed through with her plan to seduce him. But she'd come too far to back down now, and it was clear just how much—and for how long—they both wanted each other.

She moved against his hard body, letting him know why she was here, what she really wanted, no needed, from him.

"Ella," he whispered in a shaky voice, and everything in the quiet way he spoke her name brought them to a deeper level of intimacy. It was as if they'd known each other their entire lives. Then again, perhaps they had, perhaps the time they'd both spent thinking of the other helped counteract the time they'd spent apart and made this reunion feel all the more familiar to them.

Off in the distance the sound of laughter broke the silence of the night. Even though they were draped in darkness on his dock, it was still a reminder that they weren't really alone. Without concealing his erection, Liam stepped back and gathered her hand into his.

His gaze panned her face, searching for answers and the intent look in his eyes spoke of such need and desire it made her insides quiver. "Can you stay?"

"For a little while," she answered. "But then I—"

He didn't let her finish. Instead he slid his fingers through her damp hair and dropped his mouth to hers. Her body pulsed with pent-up need as his warm salty lips met hers and stole her ability to think straight.

Giving in to her baser urges, she open for him, granting him entry while she savored the incredible taste of his mouth. His kiss was so tender, so achingly gentle that it took her by surprise. His hands circled her waist to draw her in tighter, and when her body became pliable in his arms, letting him know in no uncertain terms what she wanted, a low growl of longing sounded deep in his throat.

Her nipples tightened with arousal and pressed against his bare chest, her body needing more—so much more...

Reviews:UTC BOOK BLOG wrote:

This book was mainly the reason why I found the Alluring Tales series of short stories. And let me state that they do not have the read in order, I'm just being anal about it. They're all by different authors and they are not in any way shape or form related.

Now that being said, LAID BARE is an X-Rated version of The Little Mermaid, which just happens to be my favorite Disney movie! I love Ariel.

So Ella is a mermaid and some 15 years ago she saved a teenagers life. From that day she's always remembered that boy and now that she's thirty and her father wants to marry her off, she wants to go in search for that human boy, now a man, before she has to turn her life over to duty.

Liam has been obsessed with his mermaid his whole adult life. And every night he goes out for a swim to try to find her. And now she is there, with legs nonetheless.

Ella and Liam are so hot together! Liam wants to keep her, she just wants one night to have as a memory of her love before going back to her father.

If I can complain about one thing is that it's short. I loved the world this is set in but I think we can hope that there will be another book after this one!