Book Cover: Leveled
Part of the Blue Bay Crew series:

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox comes the scorching Blue Bay Crew series, that follows the sexy, blue collar Owens men who take over their family’s construction business in the small town of Blue Bay, CT.

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Jamie Owens doesn’t trust women. Especially not the rich, entitled women looking for a summer fling with a boy from the wrong side of town. But one look at Kylee Jensen in a tiny bikini, and Jamie decides that some rules are made to be broken. 

Kylee is tired of being the obedient daughter, and Jamie—shirtless, in a tool belt—is the perfect opportunity to do something for herself, so she hires Blue Bay Construction to work on her cottage. Their hot summer days turn scorching until it’s revealed that Kylee has ties to Jamie’s dark past, forcing them to decide if their dreams, and their relationship, are worth fighting for. 

Leveled is a steamy page turner with sizzling emotional intensity and an ending that will hammer readers’ hearts and never let go!


Book 3:

Life as an underground fighter has left me broken and scared, both in body and spirit, but when my brother calls me home to Blue Bay for a family emergency, I hang up my gloves and leave the fight circuit behind. I don’t expect a hero’s greeting, not for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, nor do I expect to find a shadow of the vibrant girl I crushed hard on back in the day. Layla Scott has secrets, serious ones and I want to be the man who uncovers them.


I didn’t escape a disastrous relationship only to walk into another one, especially with one of the Owens boys, but when Tyler blows into town, his battle-worn, tough-guy persona preceding him, it doesn’t hide the anguish in his eyes when he thinks no one is looking. But I see it, and the scars I’ve been hiding call out to a kindred spirit.


And then my ex shows up.


You know those slow-mo shots of a blooming flower? Well, that’s Layla, gradually opening up, reaching up to the sun…until her pro-football ex struts into the picture, and it turns into a hyper-speed rewind. I’ve never been good with threats, especially when they’re made to the woman I love, but do I dare break out the gloves and become the very thing she fears the most?



Book Cover: Demolished
Part of the Blue Bay Crew series:

Series title: Blue Bay Crew.

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Demolished, Leveled.


Location: Blue Bay, Connecticut. A former whaling community that grew up to be a huge resort destination and tourist spot. Massive properties on the water, owned by wealthy families and celebrities. Town has schools, library, cafés, grocery stores, hospital, gift shops, galleries, sports bar etc. The town itself is like a character.


Owen family construction/contractor business: Started by the father, whose family has deep roots in Blue Bay and were former whalers. The sons are all returning home to run the business after the father’s death. The sons are known as the Blue Bay Crew. Every Owen son and Owen cousin are the poster boys for authority issues. These bad boys also put the O (orgasm) in Owens.