Bad Girl Therapy (Book 3)

Boys of Beachville, Book 3
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She might be calling the shots but he's playing for keeps...

Pro soccer star Cole Landon has women at his fingertips, but there's always been one who was untouchable. Haley Jones, the high-school crush from the right side of the tracks—and way out of his league.

Sidelined with an injury, he's cooling his heels in Beachville when he discovers his physical therapist is none other than the perennial good girl herself.

Bored with men who pay more attention to their smartphones than her, Haley longs for a summer fling that won't risk her reputation. When Cole shows up in town, her hormones tell her he's the one man who will scratch her itch without tarnishing her good girl image.

No one's more surprised than Cole when Haley suggests his private beachside cottage is the best place to begin his...therapy. Apparently money really can buy love. She wants to play? Then play he will.

As hot days turn to scintillating nights, Haley begins to realize there's more to this playboy than meets the eye. Until Cole gets news that could put them once again on opposite ends of the playing field.

Warning: Certain elements of this physical therapy can result in sweating, panting and unusually high heart rates. The therapeutic value of massage "therapy", in particular, is increased levels of endorphins that act as a pain reliever. For excessive swelling, lie down and take 2x daily (or as many as you can get!).

Publisher: Samhain

She was touching his leg.

She was touching his goddamn leg, and if she didn't stop soon his cock was going to burst through the velour shorts she'd put him in and let everyone in the room know he was hot for his therapist.

Why the hell hadn't he remembered to bring his own shorts anyway? Probably because when she'd called to remind him of his early morning appointment he'd been too busy conjuring up erotic images of the two of them coming together instead of concentrating on her very specific instructions, ones that involved bringing a change of clothes for his physiotherapy session.



Now here he was, sprawled out on her examination table in a pair of unflattering grandma shorts while Haley Jones-the good girl from the right side of the tracks, the same girl who'd given him a three-year boner in high school-ran those soft, sensuous fingers of hers over his leg. Of course, he had to expect that she was going to touch him. After all, he was at the clinic for physical rehabilitation in an effort to strengthen his injured leg before soccer training began back up in the fall.

Haley spoke quietly to her assistants before they left the room. Once they were gone, leaving him alone with his hot health-care specialist, Haley focused solely on his damaged leg. As she gave him her full, undivided attention, his glance raced over her and he found himself fighting the incredible urge to brush his mouths over hers, to see if she tasted as sweet as she looked.

Her eyes narrowed in concentration. "Okay, now I want you tell me when it hurts."

Oh man, it already hurts.

"What?" Cole asked as he worked to clear his lust-addled brain.

White teeth flashed in a smile, and when she shot him a sexy glance, one that could undoubtedly turn a sane man crazy, Cole got the distinct impression she was flirting with him. But good girls like Haley Jones didn't flirt with bad boys like him, who came from the wrong side of the tracks.

Her painted lips puckered seductively, and as her fingers probed his injury, he tried not to think about how that luscious mouth would feel on his flesh, around his cock.


She furrowed her brow and questioned, "Cole, are you paying attention?"

"Yeah." He raked a damp hand through his hair and glanced around the sterile examination room, trying to think about something other than the beautiful woman at the foot of the table and the way that curvaceous body of hers turned an uncomplimentary pair of scrubs into a sexy, Victoria's Secret spread. "I...uh...I was just thinking about where it hurt."

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a lie.

She leaned closer, until her long, blonde ponytail fell over one shoulder and sensuously brushed along his leg, taunting his erection to the point of pain. When he got a whiff of her citrus perfume, all sweet and seductive like her, his cock jumped, and he was pretty fucking certain if he didn't soon relieve the pressure building in his groin, he was going to do some serious damage.

He shifted uncomfortably, hoping her bedroom blues didn't stray to the bulge tenting his shorts. Christ knew girls like Haley Jones weren't into guys like him, so the last thing he wanted was for her to see how much she aroused him.

"Okay, let's try this again." She pressed two fingers against his calf. "I'm going to run my fingers along the nerve, and I want you tell me when the pain intensifies."

Concentration moved over her face as she worked her fingers down his leg to gauge the severity of his injury. Desperately needing a distraction from her touch, he took that moment to think more about the untouchable good girl who'd been gifted with every privilege life had to offer. Smart, sexy, dedicated and cultured, Haley hadn't changed much since their teen years.

Then again, neither had his feelings for her.

There was just something about Haley that drew his attention and filled him with raw, sexual need. Despite her privileged life, she had genuine empathy for others, and had always been professionally driven, even back in high school. And while she'd never shown any sort of interest in him, sexually or otherwise, it still didn't stop him from thinking about her, or from wanting her in his bed.

"Right there," he said, stopping her when the pain shot up his leg.

With that she stepped away and rolled a machine to the table. Cole propped himself up on his elbows to watch her stick tape and wires to his calf. She flicked on the machine, and then adjusted the dials until he could feel a strong pulse.

"I'm going to stimulate the muscle," she explained before gesturing with a nod to the exercise charts on the wall. "Then we're going to talk about your therapy."

Once she had the dials turned to high, she grabbed a pillow and placed it at the head of the table. "Why don't you lie down and relax? You're going to be here for a while."

When he flattened himself on the bed, she leaned over him and fluffed up his pillow. Only problem was her full breasts were so close to his mouth, he was sure if he stuck his tongue out he'd be able to lick her gorgeous, pert nipples through those thin scrubs of hers. Her delicious scent overwhelmed him and his mouth watered, eager for a taste. Fisting his hands to stop himself from acting on his impulses, he made a noise, a half cough-half groan that seemed to garner her attention.

"Everything okay?" Bright eyes widened with worry. "The pulse isn't too strong, is it?"

"No," he said through clenched teeth.

She rested her hand on his thigh. "If you start to throb, let me know and I'll play with the controls."



Good God!

Did she have any idea what she was doing to him?

She wet her lips, and the warmth of her hand traveled up his leg and settled deep between his legs. Her voice seemed a little soft, a little sensuous when she added, "That will help release the pressure."

Oh fuck!


Igniting the Bad Boy (Book 2)

Book Cover: Igniting the Bad Boy (Book 2)
Part of the Boys of Beachville series:

Boys of Beachville, Book 2

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Where there's heat, there's a smoking-hot firefighter.

No man lights Madison Kelly's fire quite like Sean Adams, the firefighter she's been hired to guard during the Boys of Beachville calendar shoot. Though he stars in her hottest, steamiest fantasies, he's the last person she's going to tell. An accident left its mark on her, body and soul. But when she catches Sean looking at her like she's water for a man dying of thirst, she wonders if it's possible he might see the girl beneath the scars.

Ever since he pulled Madison from the fire that injured her, Sean's been hot for her. Too bad she clearly has no interest in him-or so he thinks, until he sees a spark in her eyes that says she burns for him as much as he does for her. No more tiptoeing around the matter-a blatant seduction is in order.

Soon they're igniting the sheets, but come morning Madison's old fears and insecurities threaten to snuff the flames to ashes. Except Sean's fuse has been lit, and he has no intention of letting her put it out. Ever.

Publisher: Samhain

Sean's cock hurt.

It hurt so goddamn much he didn't even know what to do with himself anymore. Taking matters into his own hands did little to ease the tension inside him, or keep his blood pressure from rising to dangerous proportions. In fact, it only made him want her that much more.

Her, as in...Madison Kelly.

Christ, what he'd do to feel Madison's soft, sensuous body writhing beneath his, to kiss his way down that long sensuous neck of hers until he reached her gorgeous breasts, her flat stomach-the sweet spot between her legs. What he'd do to open her pretty pink lips with the soft blade of his tongue and lick her sex until she begged him for more.

Oh, what he'd do to make her beg.


Everything from the way she moved to the way she crinkled that cute little nose of hers consumed his thoughts and had him wild with the need to fuck her, to bring her to never-before-known heights of excitement. He ached to drive his aching shaft into her, to slam her sweet pussy so hard and so deep that it drove every sane thought from her head. Maybe if he rendered her senseless, then she'd forget why she hated him so much.

Frustrated and uncomfortable from the pressure brewing deep in his groin, he shifted uneasily in his seat and rolled his tongue around a suddenly dry mouth. Reaching for his beer, he took a long pull, but the only thing that could quench his real thirst was a night with Madison. Groaning with need, he slammed the empty bottle down on the table with much more force than necessary and shot a glance around Harry's Pool Hall.

"Something on your mind?" his best friend Cole Landon asked.

Instead of answering, Sean grunted under his breath and peered through the rambunctious Friday night crowd until his gaze settled on Madison. Goddammit, she'd said she was on duty and there she was laughing and having drinks with her friends. She'd clearly blown him off and he damn well didn't like it. The truth was Sean was used to women throwing themselves at him. Most wanted the fantasy from him, treating him like he was an object. While he was happy to oblige, he knew those women didn't want him for who he really was. They simply wanted to have sex with a firefighter, someone they considered a hero.

Honestly, Sean would love to settle down, but he'd yet to find a woman who saw the man beneath the uniform. That thought had his mind darting to Madison. She was the only one who'd taken note of his uneasy state on the boat, and even though she was on duty and it was her job to oversee his safety, the way she'd cared for him belowdecks had proved she was a woman of depth, a woman who saw below the surface.

He took a moment to peruse her as she worked her way around the pool table. She'd changed out of her work clothes and now wore tight jeans that showcased curvy hips and a lush ass. Then again, it didn't matter what she wore, he even found her starched security uniform both provocative and arousing. His attention drifted to her pink T-shirt and he took in the words, Pirates of the Caribbean, emblazed across the front. The shirt not only brought out the warmth in her cheeks, but it hugged her full breasts in the most delicious ways. Ways that teased his hunger for her and had his throbbing cock rising to the occasion.

Not that he'd ever get the chance to sate that hunger.

Sean cursed under his breath and leaned back on his chair, unable to figure out why she refused to have drinks with him tonight, or why she always ran in the opposite direction whenever she saw him coming.

Cole gestured for the waitress to bring two more beers then planted his elbows on the table. He arched a brow and said, "Well, well. I never thought I'd see that day."

Sean glared at Cole and curled his fingers, ready to knock that crooked grin off his best friend's face. "What the fuck are you talking about?" Sean grunted.

Cole propped his leg onto a chair, adjusted his pants around the hard, fiberglass cast protecting his ankle, and gave a slow shake of his head before saying, "You got it bad, pal." He let loose a low whistle and added, "You got it real bad."

Okay, so maybe Cole was right. Maybe he did have it bad. And maybe the fact that he had it bad for the one girl in town who wouldn't give him a chance had him acting completely out of character.

So what the hell was he going to do about it?

Sean ran through his options but still couldn't come up with a solid plan. How could he get her to notice him if she continually avoided him on a personal level? He pushed shaky fingers through his mussed hair as his good friend, Officer Carter James, dropped into the chair next to him.

"What's up?" Carter asked when he spotted the distressed scowl on Sean's face.

Grinning like the bad ass, son of a bitch he was, Cole gestured toward Madison, who was currently walking around the pool table with her two best friends, Allison Cooper-Carter's girl-and Haley Jones, a "good girl" Cole had been crazy over since high school, but had been too chicken shit to do anything about.

Cole tipped his bottle toward Sean. "What's up is that our man here has finally met his match."

Carter followed Sean's gaze, then shook his head, perplexed. "So what are you doing sitting here with us then? Go get her, for Christ's sake."

Sean scrubbed his hands over his face. "It's not like that with her."

"Want to enlighten me?" Carter asked, arching a curious brow.


Cole glanced at Carter and shook his head. "Sean can have any girl in this place." He grinned and added, "Hell, he probably already has. So why do you think he's going after the one he can't have?"

Because he didn't want just any girl, goddammit.

He wanted one. And the fact that she didn't want him in return had his stomach knotting, his heart pounding and his cock refusing to settle for anything less.

But what the hell could he do about it?

Honestly, Sean had no idea what he'd done to make her hate him. They didn't run in the same circles and he'd never really taken notice of her before. Last year's accident had changed everything for him, and in no time at all he found himself wanting to get to know her. When he'd visited her in the hospital and had seen the depth of her strength and the breadth of her courage during a difficult recovery, it didn't take him long to discover she was different from any other woman he knew, and it was that difference that held his attention, and quite frankly fascinated him.

"Maybe he likes the challenge," Carter piped in. "You know what they say-you want what you can't have."

Sean watched Cole's glance drift to Haley. Unfettered want passed over his eyes before he quickly blinked it away and raised his bottle in salute. "Yeah, here's to wanting what we can't have."

As Carter turned his attention to Cole's leg, and the two began talking about the recent soccer injury that cut Cole's professional season short and brought him back to their small town for the remainder of the year, Sean turned his focus back to Madison.

When she bent over the pool table, his mind went on an erotic journey and there was nothing he could do to tame his hard-on. Christ, he wanted her. Wanted her so badly he could barely think straight.

As her sensuous body held his attention, awareness and frustration flared through him and he took a moment to think more about the sexy security specialist who, on a personal level, refused to give him the time of day. Hell, maybe Carter was right. Maybe he only wanted her because he couldn't have her. Or maybe he wanted more.

Either way, he knew he had to find out.

Sweat collected on his brow as he continued to watch her, watch the way she moved around the crowd, unaware of his observations. What he'd long ago discovered was that beneath that tough exterior there was another side of Madison. A side she kept hidden from everyone, including herself. He'd seen that side in her earlier tonight when she was gazing out over the ocean, her gorgeous brown eyes full of warmth and longing.

What he noticed the most was that beneath her guard, Madison was soft and sensitive, full of heat and passion and goddammit, he wanted to be the guy to peel away the layer and ignite the fire beneath the ice.

If only she'd let him.

As he entertained the idea, a low rumble sounded in his throat and he decided then and there it was damn well time to find out what she had against him.


Good at Being Bad (Book 1)

Boys of Beachville, Book 1

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Sometimes a good girl just needs a little naughty.

Publisher: Samhain

His warm breath tickled her neck. "I've missed you, Ally."

She opened her mouth to speak, but what could she say. She'd missed him too.

As lust overrode common sense and desire sang through her veins, she found herself melting into him.

His warm hand slid under her blouse and brushed over her stomach. His touch sent shock waves through her and unleashed her need. As she took pleasure in the feel of his strong hands on her body, and felt his hard arousal press against her back, some small coherent part of her brain warned that she was crossing a line, one that might not be so easy to come back from and would undoubtedly result in heartache.

Allison gulped. "We shouldn't be doing this."


Carter spun her to face him. He wet his mouth as dark eyes full of passion searched her face. "Do you want me to stop?"

Her womb clenched as moisture pooled between her legs. "Yes. No. I don't know."

Carter brushed the soft pad of his thumb over her lips. "That bad feeling again?"


"Okay, tell you what, sweetheart. Let's not overthink this. Instead, let's just do what feels good."

She opened her mouth, but her words of protest were lost on a moan when his lips crashed down on hers. Warm need pulsed through her blood as he kissed her long and hard until her body throbbed with pent-up passion. When he deepened the kiss and she tasted the beer on his tongue, she knew she was utterly trumped.

God, it's been too long since I've been kissed like this.

He abandoned her mouth and pressed his lips to that sensitive area on her neck as he pushed a knee between her legs to widen them. His lips felt like fire on her skin, and there was nothing she could do to stop herself from grinding her pussy against his hard thigh. Pleasure coursed through her, hot and heavy in her veins. She couldn't deny that she wanted this, wanted him so much she ached. Her hands raced over him with aroused eagerness, tugging at his T-shirt.

God, I need...

When she whimpered, Carter looked at her. His voice was so intimate, so soft and full of emotions when he asked, "Did that feel good, Ally?"

She gave a slow nod, her breath labored, unsteady. With that, Carter tore off his shirt and pulled her close. She ran her hands over his hard back muscles, reacquainting herself with his strong, athletic body. His fingers found the buttons on her blouse, and he opened them one by one, until her hard nipples were exposed through her lace bra.

A low sound crawled out of his throat as he brushed his thumb over one distended bud. "How about this, sweetheart? Does this feel good?"

Instead of answering she let her lids fall shut, her body basking in the erotic sensations rolling through her.

Allison ran her tongue over her kiss-swollen lips as want burned a lazy path through her body. Carter pulled her bra cup to the side and lowered his mouth to her breast. That first, sweet flick of his tongue over her sensitive nipple had her arching into him and moaning in sensual bliss.

"Oh God, yes," she cried out, and that seemed to be all the encouragement Carter needed.

He quickly removed her sweater, blouse and bra, leaving her standing there in nothing but her jeans. He took a long moment to look at her near nakedness, the heat in his eyes intensifying and warming her all over.

He stepped close, lightly caressing her arms as he dipped his head, his hair brushing her cheek. "You're beautiful, Ally."

Her gaze slid over him, need pumping through her veins. "So are you."

He packaged her in his strong arms, and she could feel his cock press into her stomach. His eyes were dark, his gaze tormented. "Tell me you want this."

As his primal essence completely overwhelmed her, she struggled to think, to rationalize. But her brain didn't want to work, and her body only wanted to feel. In that instant she made the quick decision that tonight was too perfect to pass up. The combination of the full moon, the sand and surf, not to mention the half-naked man before her was more than she could take. She'd gift herself with this night in Carter's arms, then tomorrow...well, tomorrow she'd get her head on straight and her life back on track.

But tonight...oh, tonight...