Welcome to My Online Store!

Hello, my dear readers,


I'm thrilled to share something with you that has been close to my heart for quite some time now. I have often wondered, "How can I create a personal, delightful space for my beloved readers that brings us closer?" Today, I can finally unveil the answer to that very question.


Allow me to introduce my brand-new online store. It's more than a store; it's a carefully crafted digital nook where you can explore my eBooks, print books, and audiobooks. It's my personal way of embracing all of you, my readers, who have been the beating heart of my writing career.


Why Buy Directly?


I know what you might be thinking. "Why should I buy directly from Cathryn? What's so special about this store?" Ah, dear reader, let me invite you into the world of direct connection, a space where we can engage without the barriers that often come between an author and her audience on large retail sites.


When you support me directly, you're not only getting the books you crave but also empowering me to continue creating the stories you love. And here's a detail that will surely pique your interest—you save more when you buy from me directly. Isn't that delightful?


Safety and Ease


Navigating this new store is as effortless and comfortable as sinking into one of my foxy novels on a quiet evening. I understand that buying online must be as safe and reliable. With this in mind, I've ensured that purchasing directly from my website is as secure as it is simple. Your privacy and safety are my paramount concerns, just as the protagonists of my tales guard their secrets and desires.


eBooks Delivery via Bookfunnel


As for my eBook-loving readers, I have something special for you. Your eBook purchases will be delivered via Bookfunnel, and you can easily read them directly on your device. I can almost hear your sigh of relief as you dive into one of my stories, knowing that acquiring them was a seamless experience. Bookfunnel makes it a breeze with its trusted and efficient delivery service.


A Token of Appreciation


Above all, this online store is my humble way of expressing gratitude. Your passion, your excitement, and your unending support have been the fire that fuels my creativity. Your letters, comments, and presence at every 

book signing mean the world to me. This online store is my heartfelt 'thank you,' wrapped in a digital ribbon sent from me to you.


Join Me


So, dear reader, will you join me in this exciting new chapter? Browse through the digital shelves, explore the stories, and perhaps discover something new and unexpected. Whether you prefer the crisp pages of a 

print book or the soft whispers of an audiobook, my new online store and website have something special for you.





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