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Face Off (Rivals) Scotia Storms.

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I hate everything about him.

Everything from his boyish good looks to the flawless fit of his jersey.

But you know what I hate the most?

That his family, owners of the biggest seafood company in Lunenburg, is trying to run our small, family seafood business
into the ground.

But when fate takes a turn and Liam comes to my rescue, I begin to see another side of him.

That’s when I soften.

Can you say stupid?

Yeah, I know, I can too.

Because we all know that getting involved with the enemy—even secretly—is not a smart move.

But his touch shuts down my brain, and my ability to think with reason.

Soon enough I’m consumed by the hockey player who wants me, and me only.

Or at least I thought he did.

Until he does something that could destroy my family, destroy us, leaving me with the burning question of how I can possibly navigate a path forward and salvage what remains of us.

Moving Target (Rivals) Scotia Storms.

Available Now.

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Dane Taylor: Scotia Storms biggest player.

A rule-breaker who is wild, reckless and fun.

He’s everything I’m not allowed to be—or be around—thanks to an overbearing brother who just happens to be Dane’s captain. But when Dane rescues me from a bad situation, I can’t help but want him, which leads to a secret relationship that allows me to grow.

Then, the worst thing that could ever happen to me, happens. And one bad decision leads to another.

I find myself hurting everyone I ever cared about.

Maybe I should have listened to my brother—since all I do is make mistakes. I should never have kept secrets from the player who was never playing at all when it came to loving me.

Home Advantage (Rebels) Now available!

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Brandon Cannon.

A rising hockey star with a future he might not want.

My best friend since childhood—the guy I could always count on.

He could rely on me too, the girl he’ll forever see as a tomboy.

Which is why he asked me to be his wingman to get the girl he wanted.

But what he doesn’t know—can never know—is that I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember, and I know things about him, things he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Including me.

We escape to his cottage together, where I school the well-known player in the art of dating.

What I hadn’t expected was for him to teach me a thing or two—behind closed door.

His every touch drew me in deeper, until I was drowning in him.

Now, I can only hope he’ll see that the girl he wants might not be the one he needs—because I’m the only woman who knows who he really is and can help him re-write his future.

But what if he doesn’t?

What will become of me—us—if my very best friend, the man I love, walks away with my heart?


Crash Course (Rebels) Now Available!

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He’s the best goalie in the league – Scotia Storm’s golden boy.

Everyone loves the team’s biggest player – everyone but me.

That’s okay, he doesn’t like me either.

We might have grown up in the same small Cape Breton town, but we’re different people from different worlds.

Which makes me wonder why our friends asked us to babysit during summer break.

The forced proximity proves to be hard on my head…and my traitorous body.

But the last thing I want is to get involved with the guy who blatantly ignored me growing up.

Except he’s not ignoring me anymore.

Nope, not ignoring me at all.

Instead, he’s showering me with kisses and touches and OMG, things are so damn good, I forget why we hate each other.

Until summer comes to a close and our past catches up to us, reminding me why we can never ever be anything more than enemies.

Warm Up (Rebels) Available now!

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He’s a defenseman on the academy’s hockey team – a well-known player on and off the ice.

It’s a reputation he wears proudly…flaunts, even. The only one he has to look out for is himself. No one expects anything else.

Thanks to past mistakes, I have a whole lot of responsibilities outside of the academy, and have no choice but to put others in my life first. They count on me, but you know what? I’m lonely.

I guess that’s why I got all tangled up in the guy whose only focus is on hockey – and fun.

What I hadn’t meant to do, however, was fall head over heels for the player who only wanted one thing from me. Can you say been there done that?

But I think, underneath it all, there’s a lot more to him than even he knows and maybe his choices aren’t his own. Maybe someone else is pulling the strings.

Either way, when past mistakes catch up with me again, the team’s biggest player must decide whether to follow the path carved out for him and walk away from me, or shape his own future, and become the man he keeps well hidden.

Away Game (Rebels) Available now!

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I was never a girl to drool over the hockey players at our academy—they’re all egotistical jerks. But since my father is the coach of Scotia Storms, everywhere I turn, there’s a player—in more ways than one.

I’m smart enough to know they don’t just avoid me because I’m the coach’s daughter. They avoid me because I’m a nerdy drama student with no game.

With winter break upon us, I plan to escape to Florida, to where no one knows my past. Or that I’m the butt of every hockey player’s joke. It’s true, I overheard the hurtful bet no player had the balls to take.

Not that I’d hand over my pesky V-card to any of them. Nope, I plan to take care of that problem on a beach down south.